MEET-CONNECT-REFLECT: An Art Of Tarot Card Reading & The Girl Who Followed Her Dream

Ever found yourself drawn to that hippie-looking and heavily dressed lady adorning so many rings and upholding this karmic energy around her? Well, I must be describing a total gypsy kind of a woman who claims to rotate your stars around and control your luck. However, just as looks are deceiving, so are stereotypes. Tarot Card Reading is not all about gypsy-looking women, a deck of cards and dealers. No! There’s more than what meets the eye. Ruchika Beri, the renowned Tarot Card Reader and healer in Jaipur city is a Boss babe who has revolutionized the very definition of tarot card reading. She is one unconventional and modernistic reader, who happens to surpass all the stale customs and fashion of wearing various rings or being orthodox about this culture.

Ruchika Beri, is more of a psychologist who follows the art of tarot card reading quite well!

The Social Lit was highly honored to be in conversation with this miraculous lady, who discovered this talent in a very early age. In conversation with Ruchika, we stumbled upon a lot of interesting facts & figures. Read on to find out more.

The Social Lit: When you did first discovered your passion for Tarot Card Reading?

Ruchika: See, there is no discovery, until and unless, you are chased by doubts and dilemmas of life. That’s what happened with me. I wasn’t born with this talent but discovered it while I was doing my MBA Executive. I could say, that boredom and monotonous routines of life made me meet my passion. One day, out of a casual curiosity, I asked this lady (a Tarot Card Reader and a TV Actress too) in Mumbai to do my Tarot Card Reading. And Voila! Till now, I don’t remember even a single prediction made by her, but only the ‘way’ in which she did it. I was transfixed and intrigued. At the end of the session, instead of thanking her and shooting curious questions about my life at her, I shocked her by asking “hey, this was really amazing! Is it possible that you can teach me how to do this?”

And she laughed. Not because it was hilarious that a college student is asking her that but because of my dazzled curiosity to know about her art.

The Social Lit: So, did she teach you then?

Ruchika: Oh, at first she gave me a week to consider that whether I really wanted to do it! After that week, I went to her as my holidays started for a month. And without any questions asked or delays, we both started. And let me tell you, she was a phenomena. That one-month class transformed my life in ways I can’t even describe. As she was a TV Actress too, her house used to be buzzing with many people. So, she used to ask me to do their tarot card reading just to test whether I learned the part she taught. That way, I kept getting better and better, and after that month, she took me to these events where she asked me to cover for her whenever she used to get tired.

Those days in Mumbai, made me meet my passion and then there was no going back!

The Social Lit: Tell me something about your early life!

Ruchika: Well, I was a complete tomboy back in school.  A rush of crazy adrenaline, friends and studies, that pretty much used to sum up my life. There was no ambition or passion to do something. But, I was sincere and a good student in studies. I pursued BSc. Home Science from IIS University, Jaipur. As back then, I thought I could be a dietician (yes, funny!). But, finally I came to my senses and travelled to Mumbai to pursue Mass Communication in Xavier’s Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai. After spending my time on following a vague dream of being a dietician and a journalist, finally I thought I should be doing an MBA too. And then I landed up doing MBA Executive in Mumbai NM College. In the middle of doing that, I met that lady who taught me the art of tarot card reading.

The Social Lit: So, how many years it has been since you started doing Tarot Card Reading?

Ruchika: I started back in 2011. So it’s been nearly 6 years. I have clients from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, Mumbai and Abroad.

The Social Lit: As there is a bad phase to every journey. So was it there for you?

Ruchika: Yes, absolutely I had my hard days too. There was a time when my passion started to take a toll on me. There were many clients who used to barrel me with their reckless questions which clearly didn’t have any sense to it. They had this negative energy around them, which used to drain me out at the end of the day. I remember, one of them asking me to do ‘Black Magic’ too. Even, I was completely taken by this. But, then I guess with every talent of yours come responsibility. So, it was my responsibility to steer those people away from all the negativity which was surrounding them. And I did that. I believe that very negative person who step into my realm, should leave with a happy mindset. Even, my house is taken as a ‘positive-hub’. My friends or clients, they just come at my home to lounge around and sit and just like that they get better and leave. They say that my home is their ‘happy zone’. So, that way I make sure that everyone is surrounded and communicating positive energy around them.

The Social Lit: Most irritating question ever asked to you?

Ruchika: Ah, I was just expecting that you may ask this! And I am more than happy to share this one (giggling!). This one client asked me that, ‘whether I should buy an iPhone or Samsung? What would be better for my life?’ I mean really? Does it matter? This made me laugh limitless.

The Social Lit: Tell me about your ideals in this field.

Ruchika: Well, I idolize Ethony from Canada. And there is a page on Instagram which I follow religiously. Gypsy Art and of course I am a devoted student of my very first teacher (Pushti) who made me introduced to tarot card reading.

That’s how The Social Team was spell-bound by this giggling, easy-going and miraculous Tarot Card Reader who has everything going on for herself. Her reckless laugh, that bubbly behavior and the independent strive to follow her dreams, all left us inspired. We wish all the luck and love to this lady, who has influenced so many lives at such an early age.

To get your own reading, contact her here.

Check out her testimonials here.

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