MAY 2019: Meet The Supermodel + Actor Elena Fernandes


May is symbolic of renaissance and new beginnings. Seeking inspiration from this rhythm of nature, our May Issue is based on the theme of New Beginnings. Inside the issue, you will find insights on a fresh start in the diverse aspects of life.

The face of the cover for May is the exceptionally stunning supermodel and actor – Elena Fernandes. Celebrated as Asia’s top supermodel, Elena is half Peruvian and half Indian, beautifully embracing the two worlds. With her fierce looks and refined acting skills, Elena successfully created a stir in Bollywood with movies like ‘Kapoor & Sons’, ‘Why Cheat India’, and ‘Badla’.

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All throughout May, our thoughts go out to the ongoing summer and the new season trends. Merging this seasonal experience with the different facets of life, we endeavor to offer you content as fresh as the season, all throughout the month, while consciously interweaving it with our inherent theme of Empowerment.

We look forward to the new month and thank all our keen readers and supporters for being a part of our journey.

Extended Thanks To:

Elena Fernandesfor gracing our cover.

Rana’s Legacy, for the Indian outfit.

Muskaan K. Kumbhatfor makeup and styling.

Grand Uniara, for the perfect location.

Prateek Sukhnanifor photographing the cover.

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