Makeup Artists From Jaipur Who Are Giving Us Major Beauty Goals This Season

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Every woman is beautiful in and out. We absolutely adore them for all the strength, patience and hard work they carry with themselves.  Scrolling down through the pages of Instagram, we all have our own lists of inspiration to drag every day and learn something from them. From food, apparels, beauty to travel vlogs, Internet has broken up all the barriers and walls for creative heads. Collaborating one such inspirational sector with the vibrant vibes of the Pink City, we are all set to share with you some of our absolute favorite makeup artists who are giving us some major goals this season.

It isn’t easy to turn your passion into a profession. But these gorgeous ladies have set a new flag in the makeup industry with all their slaying makeup game and professional signature looks on their clients. Don’t forget to check these artists on Instagram and follow them for more inspiration.

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Muskaan K. Kumbhat

Excelling with her artistic skills, this young passionate make-up artist is all set to create new boundaries in the world of glitz and glam. You’ll see the magic of her work even before she finishes it off with the final touch.  She matches her looks with a tint of ongoing trends but by adding a touch of something magical and unique in her own way. From dusky hues to pinky nudes, everything she creates is all about flawless skin and perfect cut with a perfect blend of warm and pop colors. The young artist’s Instagram presents her work in the best manner to give some major inspiration to the young artists and beauty enthusiasts. From warm to subtle glam, she creates her own signature looks in a classy way. She takes a face to be her canvas and endlessly works on it with her magical creative ideas.

Whether it is glitter jelly drops or sultry rocker eyes, Muskaan curates everything with utter perfection and neatness. We are in love with her work already and can’t wait to see her reach great heights in the makeup industry. If you haven’t seen her work yet, go check it out right now!

Shriya Pardal

Playing around with strokes of color and creating something beautiful out of it, isn’t as easy as it seems to be. But Shriya Pardal has turned her childhood passion into a profession and has excelled in it. Her makeup looks are simply breathtakingly beautiful and unique. She always makes sure to create something new and fresh as a comparison to her previous works. Her Instagram feed makes it clear that she is a travel enthusiast and blends out some nature’s inspo with her work as well.  She has also worked with some of the great brands such as Amrapali, Suitcase, Magazine London, Bandwagon T-shirts and many more. We wish this inspirational lady lots of luck and success with her upcoming projects.

Bhavikaa Saluja 

Bhavika Saluja

Bhavika is another makeup artist from Jaipur who is well known for her magical hands to create flawless looks in her own style.  Her Instagram feed is full of unique and glam makeup looks. You will surely love the aesthetics of her makeup artist and inspiration that she gives to her clients. Her signature smokey eyes + nude lips makeup look is our absolute favorite. She carries the expectations of her clients very well and curates the exact look as they wish for. It’s been less than a year and she’s all set to remark a new journey with lots of success and popularity in the makeup industry.  Go check out her Instagram page right now!

Vashika Sethi

“Women are the masters of their craft”. Vashika has proved this statement to the world with her amazingly done artistic looks and hard work behind it. She specializes in bridal looks and there’s no doubt to it that she’s an absolute game changer with her work.  Her Instagram shows the sheer happiness and satisfaction of her bridal clients who wear her work gracefully for their big day. It’s quite important to win the trust of the clients to survive in the beauty industry and Vashika has won millions of hearts and blessings over her journey.

Arneeb Malik

Every woman has her own beauty, but enhancing it out in the right way is the trick to do. Arneeb Malik believes that empowering the women in the right way can actually make her look more beautiful and confident certainly for all the events. She plays her artistic skills on her clients and perfectly draws out the corrections and color plays with her brushes. She never limited her skills just to curate glam and soft subtle looks on her clients. Rather she offers a diverse range of services also for them such as expert face and skin analysis, plush party looks, sunday soiree and much more. Arneeb shuns that a woman needs to look special only on certain days, rather she deserves to look good everyday and hence she also offers everyday makeup looks to her clients.

“Hard work always pays off”. These women artists are giving some positive encouragement and also a great inspiration to empower every woman and encourage them to do what they love to do. After all, A woman is limitless in her achievements and can do wonders.

Do share your opinions about these marvelous make-up magicians of Jaipur.

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