Raise A Toast With Starbucks’ Whiskey Barrel-Aged Coffee

Starbucks is stunning everyone around with their new, limited-time-only specialty drinks and bags of whiskey coffee. Don’t get too excited folks; the whiskey coffee is actually just coffee made from the beans of aged whiskey barrels.

Just to filter your naughty thoughts out- any alcohol that might have transferred to the beans is burned off in the roasting process and the drinks along with the beans are currently selling at the Starbucks’ Seattle Roaster for now. According to the company’s press release, the bucks beans are hand-scooped into the freshly emptied American Oak-Aged Whiskey Barrels from a local Washington distillery. The whole process takes weeks and lots of rotating to ensure that the whiskey flavor is fully absorbed into the product, in order to give off that musky-intense fragrance of whiskey.

Barrel Aged Con Crema and Barrel Aged Cold Brew with Starbucks Whiskey Barrel-Aged Sulawesi photographed at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery on March 2, 2017. (Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

The CNN Money reports that the Roastery’s two speciality drinks are- a vanilla-striped cold brew and a hot “con cream” also made with vanilla syrup, which is finished off with sugar and foam. Both are made with the barrel-aged beans. It’s not disclosed yet that for how long these products will be available. So, till it lasts you must enjoy it!

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