JUNE TAROTSCOPE – Know What The Stars Have In Store For You This Month

June is the gateway to summer and it’s time to raise a toast to June’s Tarotscope. If you fall under Gemini sign, then sign up for Birthday special Tarot Reading.


Dearie, this month is all about being patient and not jumping the gun. There will be a couple of answers you have been seeking and unable to get clarity. Maybe now isn’t the time, maybe you aren’t fully prepared to unveil. The guidance is also asking you to dig deeper before you make any decision. Whatever you have been trying to seek, would come to the surface with a bit of introspection and patience. Hang in there. The key is to be unbiased and see how you can pave your way ahead.


Embrace the eternal truth and let the acceptance come up. This month is all about clarity in communication and thoughts. If you are in media/marketing/communication field, then this month a new beginning is lined up. It’s so very crucial to filter out before we say something to avoid creating a rift. Don’t forget to take care of your throat chakra as some of you may feel some discomfort or issues related to ENT. If you recently had a surgery or something along the same lines, then gear up for recovery.


Fall seven times and stand up eight times, it’s within you that you will find the strength required to keep going. This month is all about focusing on your self-confidence, you didn’t come this far to give up. Women, gather all the courage and show to the world you can do it. With your sheer determination and willpower, you can overcome anything. This month also signifies a major life problem or a situation getting resolved (you would handle it beautifully). Focus on what needs to be done and rest everything will be sorted.


Rejoice, you water sign this is a month to celebrate. Looks like you would be achieving something and you would be on Cloud 9. Give a pat on your back as your hard work is paying off. This is a milestone you have achieved, so take the lessons and learn from it. Since it’s your birthday month too, some of you would also get a lot of attention. All in all, success and achievements are lined up this June, which would make you go a notch up.


Have you been feeling a bit disappointed lately or unable to express what you really feel? The guidance is asking you to open up to your dear ones; some of you may even feel a bit betrayed in a relationship. Be very watchful of people you trust as somebody may take advantage of the situation. You, the fire sign would also be required to make a tough decision and may still be pondering over the repercussion. If somebody in the family has heart-related or cholesterol issue, then take utmost care of their health.


Make a wish, yes dearie. Make a wish and the universe will make it happen. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to be a bit mindful before we start making our wish list? You will be in a very happy space this month, don’t forget to express gratitude for what you already have. It’s ok to have wishful thinking or have daydreaming but it would indeed be a lot better to put your thoughts into action so that you can achieve. People who are in a relationship would think of taking their commitment a notch up.


Looks like some of you would be drawn to go down the memory lane (especially childhood days). Also, I am getting to see a sort of reunion or a trip with cousins or friends lined up for you this June. Looks like somebody would be having the time of their life this month. It’s also important to keep looking back and take the lessons from the experiences. If the past knocks on the door again, be sure of what you really want to do and how you want to proceed ahead. Don’t let your inner child or innocence go haywire.


You are very close to completing a certain task or a project. Don’t give up now as you didn’t start the journey to end abruptly. This is a month to show resilience and patience. You may have experienced setbacks but you can’t let such things pull you down. Muster all the courage and roar back at the world, show your Scorpio power. It’s important to put your guards up at workspace to avoid any negativity or falling prey to office politics. If one method doesn’t work, figure out another one.


Rejoice you fire sign as this a month of happiness and abundance. A lot of positivity can be seen this June. Something new is lined up for those who would be starting a new job or higher studies. The guidance is also asking you to take care of your Vitamin D level as the same may create a bit of an issue. Married couples who have been planning to start their own family can think about it now. Wake up and smell the roses, do the things that make you happy.


This month is all about connecting to your feminine side, how about you enroll for some belly dancing session or Indian dance form art sessions. Let your feminine side pick up this month. If you have a tendency to put on weight then be a little cautious this month. Career-wise some of you would be bubbling with ideas and would want to take to the next level. The universe is showering the blessing, keep marching ahead. It indeed would be a good time to spend time in nature.


Celebrations and celebrations are lined up for you this month. The cards can also see family get-togethers and reunions. So what is stopping you, to give a call to your female friends and spend a day out together. Women who are paving their way on the career opportunity would end up building the professional network. A quick tip or a piece of advice: don’t indulge in a fling or a casual relationship. The same may have high implications in long run. Lovely, if you drink socially then it indeed would be a good idea to set some limit.


June is all about stability and putting your finances in order. Make sure you stick to your plan in an organised manner. A new opportunity is waiting to knock your door and when it does just grab it with open arms. Don’t be too stubborn with your thought process, a flexible approach would take you places. Manifest what you really have been wanting to achieve and let the Universe help you out. As a person, you would want to show the protective side to people who matter to you.

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