JULY TAROTSCOPE – Know What The Stars Have In Store For You This Month

Hello July, this is your month to excel. Work hard, have fun and ditch drama. Don’t forget to check out what’s your July Tarotscope. Looking for a personal guidance? Reach out to us at 91-9829254288.


Things are not what they look like, you are surrounded by too many tempting things and it’s looking like you are finding it difficult to comprehend what’s real and what’s imaginary. Consider weighing all the options along with pros and cons. Come out of your dreamy la la land as it’s time to embrace the reality. At times grass looks greener on the other side but what really matters is putting in an effort to make it greener on your side.

“We live in a fantasy world, a world full of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality.”


 Looks like you aren’t impressed or happy with something that’s happening in your life right now. And, the same is making you miss out on the good things. Express gratitude to what you already have. Something that is close and integral to you is drifting away and it’s taking a toll on you. A couple of options can help you out during this time: change or shift your perspective, move out of the current situation or give it another shot to make it work.

“Find your inner voice, rest will follow.”


Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated. Rejoice, as I am seeing an inflow of money from unexpected sources and inheritance too. Family gatherings, celebrations, and reunions can’t be ruled out. If you are in a relationship or wanting to get married then I am seeing things would start progressing with the other half. This month is also about taking ahead of the legacy you have and creating something more beautiful for those who matter to you.

“Something beautiful is on the horizon.”


Something is getting closed, a journey is being wrapped up. And, it’s time to celebrate and take a second to live this moment of success. While you do so, don’t forget to take the lessons from this journey as it would help you go a notch up. It’s crucial to understand how you can contribute at a larger level to make an impact. Embrace the new experiences that are coming your way as this adventure would definitely help you grow.

Life is an adventure, be an explorer.”


You need to understand that some things are not in your control and July is the month you need to brace yourself for such changes and transitions. Looks like some of you would experience a major shift in life (can be work wise or personally). It’s very important to keep a check on your temper and ego. At times even if things can get better, it ruins if our ego starts playing up. Dear, if you are in a relationship then brace yourself for suddenness, maintain the ground and don’t let anything crumble the foundation.

Ego trip: a journey to nowhere.”


 Your networking skills and the ideas to grow at the professional front would take you a notch up. If you are in the field of architecture or interiors, then you might end up meeting relevant people who would help you grow. It is a crucial time for nurturing the existing relationships, especially with your mother. Married women who have been thinking to start their own family, take this message as a reminder from the universe to go ahead, you have the blessings. Have a balanced approach to life.

Nurture love, give joy, be compassionate, and create peace.”


 Your efforts will start reaping benefits and make you climb the ladder of success. This month is also about celebration and the universe is showering you with abundance. For some of you, I am seeing wedding shenanigans and higher sort of commitments happening. At work, it’s all about collaborating and working together. If you have been planning to deck up your space or buy a property for investment or relocation, then do give it a serious thought.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can accomplish so much.”


 This month is all about shaping up the career and culture you want to live in. People who are in the field of HR, Civil Services or corporate jobs have opportunities for growth lined up this July. As a person, you know how to get work done but it’s also important to realize that there is a thin line of difference between being assertive and being aggressive. Figure out what stirs your soul and then start moving ahead on that path. Don’t forget to maintain your calm and cool during those times when things are a bit haywire.

A boss has the title, a leader has the people.”


 Things are moving ahead swiftly for you and you are unable to get a hang of it. Fire sign, it’s also important to understand that, at times, wanting to move in a fast manner or taking decisions in a jiffy can backfire too. Don’t rush into things if they can be handled at their own pace. Movement/relocation can’t be ruled out. Some of you would be traveling workwise or would plan a vacation. If you have been planning to change your current job, then take this as a sign to proceed ahead.

 “Every day is a new day and you will never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on.”


This July, your faith in the higher source would deepen. The same would also bring a lot of mental and inner contentment. At times, it’s important to balance our thought process: too much unconventional thoughts can also create clashes. One has to live and accept few things the way they function. Wedding bells for some of you can be seen. If you are drawn towards pursuing higher studies or expanding knowledge then the universe is blessing you.

 Serenity comes when you trade expectations with acceptance.”


Your manifestation will finally bear fruits this July; efforts and hard work will start paying off soon. A possibility of an inflow of money at the work front (promotion or rewarded appropriately) is also lined up for this month. Working in collaboration with others and empowering others would help you grow at all levels. A couple of things to be kept in mind: constant feedback, evaluation and organised state of mind would make the journey seamless. Remember small gestures and acts go a long way.

“Simple, little gestures change the world for better.”


You would be overflowing with emotions this month; emotions of happiness and cheer will take up the room at a larger level. This month is also about focusing on yourself, and channelizing emotions in the right direction. It would be a great idea to express what you feel towards self and others. Singles may across somebody who would stir their emotions. Be open to new possibilities as the same would take you a long way. Pick up something work wise that makes you happy.

Self-love is the source of all other loves.”

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