How to Survive Dating a Taurus – The Most Loyal Zodiac Sign

[Names have been changed for privacy reasons]

It’s Taurus season, and if you’ve got the hots for a Taurean, then keep reading. Taurus season is from April 21st to May 21st, so go find out your crush’s birthday and stick with me as I tell you about three people’s experiences on how dating a Taurus can be.

Now, a disclaimer before we proceed any further; I am a veteran of singledom. I have been single my entire life, and the only experience I have with “dating” is people ghosting me after our first date or flirting with me for two weeks before claiming that they’re emotionally incapable. (Why would you play with my heart like that?)

So, while writing this, I did what any young person in the 21st century with internet access would do. I went on Twitter. I got quite a few responses from people who have or are dating a Taurus.

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The Sun in Taurus is a fixed earth sign, ruled by Venus. Earth signs are grounded, practical and dependable; they prefer to be sure about things and are not a big fan of risks. Earth signs are reliable and trustworthy. Many of these characteristics reflect in the Taurus sign. Now, what does it mean to be ruled by Venus? In mythology, Venus is the goddess of love. Venus represents love and money; which happen to be two main aspects of our life. To put it shortly, Venus rules our sentiments.

Taurus is grounded. Accordingly, Taureans are quite practical and relate to things that are physical, sensual and most importantly, real. This groundedness generates a feeling of security within them, which is why Taureans tend to be quite stable and secure. Apart from that, they are loyal, well most of the times. Taureans can be dominant and stubborn; they can be stingy and rigid. Natal chart readers and astrologers say that Taureans don’t quickly adapt to change. Saying this, they are generous and affectionate; and they can be warm and loving.


But the question lies, are Taureans loyal like they’re supposed to be?


Lila approached me, telling me about her ex-boyfriend who was a Taurus. Lila and this guy were never official, but she tells me how passionate and wild their time together was. He was charming and sensitive, but unable to communicate well. He was quite stubborn, Lila says that he had to have the last word. There was no winning against him, so they tried to avoid arguing as much as they could. He would never listen to what she had to say. But he loved her fiercely; he was sensitive to her needs and was okay with being vulnerable when he was with her. She felt safe around him, but there was no stability or security when she was with him. She tells me that she'd never experienced this sort of safety with another person, but at the same time, she was continually trying to keep him interested and attentive. Lila felt that there was not a lot of consistency or communication between them, that he led her on for a long time. He was rigid most of the time. Despite all of this, he was loyal to her, but there was still this underlying insecurity in their relationship. This Taurean seems to have commitment and communication issues, but he loved passionately. 


Another woman, Jay (a Pisces) tells me about her awful ex-girlfriend who was a Taurus. She was dominant and bossy; she always had to have it her way.  More or less, you could say that the relationship was toxic. While her ex-girlfriend was incredibly supportive of Jay's dreams and passions, she would talk and taunt her about things which made Jay uncomfortable or insecure. Jay's ex-girlfriend wasn't an emotionally stable person, but despite all of this, there was still a feeling of security in their relationship that lasted for two years! This ex-girlfriend was caring but reckless; she could be really mean if she wanted to. There were times when she cheated on Jay and lied to her most of the time that they were together. She also suffered from BPD which could be why her behavior fluctuated so much. But it's never okay to cheat, and in Jay's case, her Taurean ex wasn't loyal. 


Another fascinating response I got was from Mira, who is a Taurus dating another Taurus. What she told me leads me to believe that Taureans are very compatible with people of the same sign. Saying that, I'm no expert, I'm just telling you what I've witnessed. Mira met her girlfriend online, a few years ago. Despite living in different countries, they have flown out to see each other. She tells me that they are both quite stubborn, but her girlfriend tends to be a more dominating personality. During arguments, Mira prefers to give up and let her partner have her way; and she's completely okay with doing so. When I asked her how they both feel about change, Mira told me that change is pleasant for no one and being in a long distance relationship, a lot of changes occurs in both of their lives. But it hasn't affected their relationship in any way. Mira and her girlfriend, both feel secure with each other. Mira says that this is her most secure relationship yet. They're both fiercely loyal to each other and the thousands of miles separating them isn't going to change that. 


Now, you must be thinking “Should I date a Taurus?” Of course! Go for it; not all Taureans are the same, we’ve just seen different experiences about dating a Taurus, and they all have their positives, some a little more than the others.

So what tips do these women have for the rest of us who might have an eye set on a Taurus to be our potential boo? As always, communication is vital. Patience is essential if you’re dating a Taurus, they sometimes can chicken out and need somebody to pull them back in. Taureans can be stubborn, so you have to voice your feelings and stand up for yourself. Otherwise, you’re just making it easy for them to walk over you. Taureans are generally calm and composed people; they’re reliable too. So, you know that they will be there for you. And at the end of the day, they’ll love you passionately with their whole heart.

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