Everything You Need To Know About A Sagittarius

Birthday: November 23 – December 21

Element: Fire

Ruled by: Jupiter


With a bag full of dreams and hopes, walking on the roads of positive energy, the Archer aims high for its goals and achievements with all his instincts. Sagittarius is like those quirky adventurous beasts who never give up easily on anything in their life. They live with unparalleled lust and curiosity to find the true meaning of love and relationship. Though exaggeration and roughness travel through their veins, yet they are the most honest and obedient truth seekers no matter what happens. They love to travel and explore beyond their boundaries to know the world that they aren’t aware of.  A little introvert but with loaded lines of ideas and creativity, they are a masterpiece in themselves.

In a nutshell– instinctive, inspiring, dynamic, passionate, and aggressive.


Sagittarius holds a lot of positive energy and truth-seeking curiosity with them. Ruled by the shooting Archer, they have a deeper meaning to life and all the obstacles that come through their way. With a strong personality and sharp appearance, Sagittarians can either be the funniest one or wise and philosophical. Most of them are optimistic towards life and believe in taking high risks to break the barrier between them and their dreams.

A. How does a Sagittarian dress up?

Sagittarians are very calm and easy going with the trends of the fashion world. They like to dress up in comfortable clothes and try some sharp colour combinations. Experimenting with fabrics is their favourite fashion routine. They like to try something new and discover the new side to their looks and appearances. They are never conscious of formal outfits rather, they pick up simple pieces that make them look classy and elegant.

B. What are their most striking features?

Sagittarians are like the silver linings of the cloud. Their charming personality helps them to stand out in a crowd. They have a great smile, thick hair and a welcoming appearance which makes them look attractive and smart. It’s quite difficult to control yourself from not loosing to the spark in their twinkling eyes. Humble and Sober with behaviour, they are extremely down to earth and can easily make it through anyone’s heart. But, it isn’t as easy as it seems to make a space for yourself in their heart and life. They are very conscious about keeping people in their priority list.

C. Body Language

Bold and confident. Sagittarians are bold enough to occupy other’s place and cheer up with people without any hesitation and shyness. They are pretty loud with their body language. They love to be goofy around people and socialize with new people. Friendly and caring in nature but at the same time, very introvert in expressing about themselves.

D. How do they speak in a crowd

Sagittarians love to express their thoughts and figures. They love talking a way too much than others on major topics of discussions and social interactions but when it comes to them, they are extremely conscious about opening up to people with the journey of their life. People with Saggitarius zodiac are really good at spreading positive vibes. They encourage a lot and always help people in looking at the bright side of life and uncertainties. You are probably a lucky one if, your spouse or your best friend belongs to this category. You’ll for sure never lose your path ever with a Sagittarius beside you, they never believe in giving up and compromising with situations.

E.What do they speak about generally

Well, all that the Sagittarians speaks are in general topic. Either they talk about the ongoing issues or the latest trend. They are not fond of talking about themselves or about the history of their life. But yes, they always love giving suggestions and bring out their perspective in front of people on a topic. They love proving others wrong and keeping their point of view in front of them. They might seem aggressive sometimes but, they have a soft corner in their heart and always end up getting emotional.

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“Believe in an optimistic attitude towards life. There’s no looking back, no matter how many failures come and go.”

Sagittarians believe in following their dreams and conquer every obstacle to change their challenges into opportunities. They never give up easily on anything and push every universal force to achieve their goals. They spread positive vibes and always speak the truth, no matter how brutal the truth is.


Sagittarians can easily excel in their career paths, regardless of what they choose for themselves. Their flexible n their working style and have a proper plan as to where they would like to see themselves in the next 5 years. Their dedication and cheerful attitude suit them well in those fields where people have to interact and socialize a lot. They are professional and creative in their working style. But sometimes, they may face some hindrances in obeying the orders of their boss because they have a different opinion and would like to follow their ideas above all. They might even end up in conflicts and arguments.

Ten Best jobs for Sagittarians

  1. Salesperson
  2. Public Relations Manager
  3. Personal Trainer
  4. Investigator
  5. Development Officer
  6. Brand Ambassador
  7. Instructor
  8. Publisher
  9. Tutor
  10. Travel guide


Sagittarius is a symbol of inspiration and a great achiever. They always try to find the feeling of inner peace and freedom. They are very impulsive and impatient to reach where they want to reach and can do anything to make things happen. They believe in experiencing life by doing and continuous learning. Success and ultimate satisfaction are what they seek the most throughout their lives.


Sagittarius is very loyal and honest in their relationships. Initially, it might seem little tough to settle down with a Sagittarius but, they will never lie to you about themselves or anything. Their deep sense of commitment and effort to keep a relationship is what makes them more special to be in a relationship. They are simply straightforward to their partners.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius can be a little irresponsible and possessive in nature. They might sometimes take those little special things for granted and prefer to look over things practically rather than emotionally.


Sagittarians expect to fall in love with someone with whom they can deeply connect and understand better. Though they are honest, they love making excuses to go on a date and know more about their partners and spend some quality time. They are a little slow in expressing their love to their partners and take a lot of time to admit their feelings. They might seem to be bold and comfortable yet, there’s a jungle of thoughts and questions arising in their mind simultaneously.


Sagittarius gets easily attracted by physical appearances. They like the play of the eyes and big wide smiling faces which is a great sign to show your attraction towards someone. They love giving compliments and at the same time like receiving too from others. Sagittarius can easily connect with adventurous and noble spirit people. They like confident approach and are ready to woo with the one who makes them feel comfortable and understands them better.


“Your attitude determines your direction.”

Sagittarius is bold and loud with their attitude and statements but meanwhile, they also take care not to harm the emotions and feelings of other persons. For them, respect is usually for those who are open-minded and have a sense of own personal moral code. They like to respect the truth seekers who always prefer keeping conversations simple and honest.


Well, now that’s really a tricky question. Making a Sagittarius happy isn’t as simple as it seems to be. Their choices may not be the same always and may change every now and then. They love to explore and know more about things and people around. Their quest to look every beautiful corner of the world and discover new things is one of the greatest things that makes them happy.  They are not the ones who prefer clubbing around on weekends, rather, they would choose to stay indoors and read a book, plan ahead for a long weekend and meet only a few prominent people or friends.


Sagittarians love to explore the beauty and serenity of nature in peace. Kerela is a city that resembles the unique features of Sagittarius. God’s own land, Kerela- is a city that would perfectly compliment to the outdoorsy introvert Sagittarius souls. The greenery and the fresh air can make them feel relaxed and sent some time with themselves with nature. The beautiful culture and the amazing food goes well with the Sagittarians in this city. People here are friendly as well as very respectful about others personal lives. A perfect surrounding where Sagittarians like to live in.


There’s a lot of good to say about Sagittarius but with that, they do hold some negative characters too. Sagittarius are mostly very intellectual. They can impress anyone with their words and communication style but at the same time, they are tactless. Speaking the truth might not always be a good idea. They least understand that they have to cover up a few things while talking to others. There should always be a space for emotions. They hurt others by being honest at the wrong time.


Sagittarius is very focused on their goals and achievements. They do all that they can do with unlimited hard work and dedication yet can still fail at times. The Archer can miss it’s target sometimes. But this should not upset them as they will eventually get back what they’ve desired for. Their hard work will always pay off and will never go in vain. Destiny has something better and big in store for them.


A Starbucks Drink: Caramel Frappuccino

A Colour: Purple

A Greek God:  Janus- God of beginnings, choices, and doorways

An Addiction: Caffeine

An Alcoholic Beverage:  Red Wine

A Drug: Steroids

In A High School Clique: Nerds

A City: Ching Mai, Thailand

A Harry Potter House: Griffen do

An Untranslatable French Word: Cartonner — something that has had huge success

A Kiss: Gentle

A Teen Movie: Moana

A Clothing Item: Hoodie

A Brand: Lee Cooper

A Famous Landmark: The Great Wall of China

 A Season: Winter


1.Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility

Ratings: 7.2 / 10

Well, there are a lot of compromises to make with these two stars being together. There can be differences in temperaments and tastes with a different vision. You are either attracted to each other despite being different or completely repel to one another in major aspects of life.

2. Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility

Ratings: 9.7 / 10

There’s a sparkling chemistry between both these stars. They understand each very well and can think ahead for each other.

3. Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility

Ratings: 8.3 / 10

Sagittarius and Gemini together are a very interesting combination of stars. Nature wise they may be different than each other but together they can be just perfect. There’s a lot of excitement and exploring spirit without any commitments made. Yet there is one fact that can cause worries, a trap of suspicion and surveillance is too easy between the two stars.

4. Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

Ratings: 7.6  / 10

Sagittarius and Cancer are like the two opposite poles of a magnet that will never get attracted to each other. They differ in their beliefs and share a different point of view which may lead to unnecessary arguments. Though they are separated by their thoughts yet they share the same link to value knowledge among each other. They understand the emotional aspects of the life in more depth.

5. Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility

Ratings: 9/ 10

These fire signs together are the lifelong runners who understand life in a similar way and are ready to be with each other. There’s a big room for creative conversations and some interesting innovations in the future. Ideal to start a new business together.

6. Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility

Ratings: 5.5 / 10

An introverted Earth sign and an extroverted Fire sign, these two are the different poles of the earth. There can be a smart conversation between on intellectual topics but never on emotional ones. The change in mentality and lifestyle will always be there between the two.

7. Sagittarius and Libra Compatibility

Ratings: 8 / 10

Sagittarius and Libra are perfect to go with each other. They can make each other laugh on witty jokes and lame sarcasm and enjoy each others company. There’s a connection for strong friendship with each other without any space for misunderstandings and conflicts.

8. Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Ratings: 6.5 / 10

Well, these stars have great compatibility with each other at the beginning of their journey. Both look great with each other at the beginning of their journey but in the serious phase of their life, they might have some trust issues. Life isn’t an easy going for a Sagittarius and a Scorpio together but for sure they are a good company for each other.

9. Sagittarius and Capricorn Compatibility

Ratings: 6 / 10

The fate of this match depends upon the capability and ability to merge your strength. It really doesn’t matter if anyone among them is weak, there’s a deep sense of understanding between the two of them. They accept no earthy denial and vow to be with each other in difficult phases of their journey.

10. Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Ratings: 8.4 / 10

Now here’s the best of all. Both these signs are free-spirited signs that represent the carefree and relaxed attitude towards life. Though they are carefree yet, they are super workaholic. Strangely there might be a balance in your life with your work and holiday adventures. But there can be the slightest possibility of less trust from Aquarius as they are more sceptical towards people in life.

11. Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

Ratings: 5 / 10

Pieces are the most sensitive among all an,d Sagittarius is believed to have more practical theories about life. When the water and fire come together, this can create a very different equation between the two. Either there is a thunder of doubt or peaceful flow o emotions. Understanding each other can take a little long but once you become comfortable, you’ll have the strongest bond of all.

12. Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

Ratings: 6 / 10

This sounds great, right? Well, it can be or it cannot be. At last, you’ve found someone just like you, with whom you share the same boat in a sea of thoughts. This might sound interesting but eventually can even go disastrously at times. It good if you keep a space between the two of you to take your relationship on a long journey. Things don’t work sometimes when you actually know everything about someone. Keep the spark alive.


Sohail Khan, Vidyut Jamwal, Arjun Ram Pal, Rana Daggubati, John Abraham, Diya Mirza, Yami Gautam, Boman Irani, Govinda, Diya Mirza

To sum it up, Sagittarians inspire those around them to see the bigger picture in life.

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