How To Look Feminine In Work Trousers

How To Look Feminine In Work Trousers
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Work trousers have evolved from the average cigarette pants to the comfier and classier culottes, striped pants, wide-legged pants, lace-up empire cropped pants, ruffled tie-waist peg leg pants and more. The transformation of pants from marking masculinity to embracing the feminine has been tremendous. Gone are the days that you cannot look as feminine in work trousers as in dresses.

Modern-day women can definitely wear work trousers and look like a lady at the same time. Here’s a round-up of ideas to flaunt your femininity while wearing trousers at work.


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There are many factors that make our bodies vary in shape, which is why it’s not easy to find trousers that fit perfectly. The easier way is to buy a larger size and get it tailor-made to suit your curves. Attempt sitting in the trousers when you try them on, to check how the waist size is holding up. You’re going to be wearing them a lot, so there’s no point in buying uncomfortable work trousers. The right-sized trouser should compliment your curves and make you look sophisticated.

 Team up With Blouses

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Usually when people wear trousers, they think of pairing them with shirts. But with the right blouses, you can bring out the best of your femininity. Cross-overs, peplums, V necks and turtlenecks look great with trousers if you are successful in finding the right shade.

Striped Trousers

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Vertical stripes not only look fashionable, but also add the illusion of height, making you look taller and leaner. Make sure you pair striped trousers with minimal blouses to keep your look sophisticated. Also, leave out any accessories that don’t add to the outfit extra-ordinarily.

High Waist And Heels

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Button-patterned high waist trousers are trending right now and can be best teamed up with crop tops. This outfit will not only make you look taller, but will also enhance your curves. Make sure you pair your high-waist trousers with sharp heels. Heels will play a key role in exhibiting your femininity while wearing work trousers. Let the clicks lead the way.

Choose The Right Style

Whether you’re in the mood for skinny ankle length trousers or wide leg pants, you’ve got a variety to choose from. You can go for ruffle hem pants, flares and jumpsuits as well. One thing you should make sure here is that your footwear and your work trousers convey the same thing about your aura.

Choose The Right Fabric

Finding the right material for your trousers for the workplace as well as your skin is as important a task as any. While cotton may be well suited if you have an on-desk job, it may be difficult to take care of where a lot of hustle is involved. On the other hand, work trousers made of microfibers are easy to take care off, don’t get wrinkled out, offer flexibility and comfort as well.

Layer with Blazer

Winter is a great time for layering up with blazers. Make sure that the blazer matches with your trousers, to avoid turning your outfit into a fashion disaster. Button it up when you wear them with your work trousers to get the desired feminine effect.

Style Your Hair

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One good thing about having a long mane is that you get to style it however you want. From a top-notch ponytail to a fishtail braid or a classy French twist, you can try anything including accessorizing and highlighting.

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Most of the times you’ll be wearing short blouses or in-shirts with your work trousers. Belts are a key accessory to give a polished definition to your outfit. So make sure that your belt collection is liberal and up to date.

Be A Risk-taker

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Sometimes, you might be the only person who understands your style. Don’t let that stop you from taking risks every now and then. Show off your courage by trying out that outfit that has been on your mind for weeks. See how your crowd reacts. You might even start a trend.

Work trousers are constantly being transformed to suit a strong woman’s needs; all we have to do is spread the word.

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