How To Get Your Voice Heard At Work- 4 Easy But Effective Steps

How To Get Your Voice Heard At Work- 4 Easy But Effective StepsWorking as a professional individual is a big deal. It is a glorifying transition from an old-you to a new you. Besides, you learn to cope and grow up in ways you could have never imagined. But, what if it’s not working out and you feel sidelined, marginalized and almost invisible in your professional space? You almost feel like you are wearing Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak and no one ever notices you. (Yes, even in times of distress, I will reference Harry Potter. It’s just how we Potter-heads are). Anyway, to get your voice heard at work seems like a mission that has no beginning or end. Where do you start? You can’t exactly shout out from the rooftop of your office building and then, cajole your co-workers and boss to listen to you. That would only cause you several bouts of embarrassment and a teeny-tiny bit of noise pollution to the surrounding areas.

But what if I told you about some tested and guaranteed ways of having your voice heard at work? Well, sit down and train your eyes to the screen because we are about to go for a fun, educational ride.


This is way different from the term “teacher’s pet” because that can sometimes be borderline toxic. This tip does not mean that you have to hang around the boss’s cabin all the time and find ways to talk to them desperately. It simply means that you should always assess what you and they have in common, and strike conversations about the common topic whenever given the opportunity. This way, you can enter the good books of the boss and they will always notice you and may even recommend you when a job presents itself. It is one surefire technique to get your voice heard at work.

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Unless your talks don’t have substance, it’s hard to imagine that you can get your voice heard at work. On the flip side, if you always come up with exciting (and profitable) ideas, you’ll be able to retain your assertive power at the workplace. Thus, whenever a creative meeting is approaching, keep jotting down ideas that you can present and further, discuss them when the right time arises.


I am the queen of ambiguity but bear with me for just a few more sentences. When I worked wherever I worked for a year, I was seated next to an older man who handled technological stuff, so occasionally, I would smile at him (not in a creepy way) or ask for his help on matters I had a hard time understanding. We actually became comfortable cohorts after a series of small talk. Not just this, but strike conversations with anyone and everyone you find at the office. If, somehow, the person shows no interest in you or in the things you are talking about, don’t approach them again and move on but nevertheless, try your best to socialize so as to get your voice heard at work.

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My tips keep getting weirder but no one told you this was going to be a mundane article. So, in my experience, I remember when we had a lunch break, all my co-workers and I would gather around a table with our lunch boxes. Now, my co-workers would obsessively talk about food (it really is the best thing in the world isn’t it?) but I realized that when I also started talking about which restaurant serves the best Pasta and which Paan stall is the best in Jaipur, people started noticing me and striking conversations about not only food but also other equally important things. Soon, we made plans to go hang out at Tapri and try their Teas or delve into the Puchka Shots.

These tips might sound bizarre but they have worked for me in the past and I can assure you that if you implement them at the right time and in adequate amounts, you will be able to get your voice heard at work in no time. Trust not only this article but also yourself. Gather the bravery within you and speak up at your office. Because it will be both beneficial and enjoyable for you in the long run.

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