Dopamine Love Or Dopamine Dressing- Take Your Pick

Image Source- The Blonde Salad

Dopamine is that “love hormone” which kicks in those romantic instincts in you, which makes those butterflies flutter, fireworks fly and makes your heartbeat faster. Dopamine can be called the “Kim Kardashian of hormones” as it always manage to make our life pleasurable and scandalous. The string of gutsy pleasures and mingling addictions seems to get attuned with it.  An addiction to gambling, first kiss, inspirational activities or lust, dopamine is everywhere where pleasure is! But, is there anything called “dopamine dressing”? Emma Stone, the famous Hollywood Actress has made this fact clear, by wearing a canary yellow dress in La La Land movie, along with Ryan Gosling in the lead.

Ranging from the Catwalks to the Airport Looks- from ‘Fanta orange’ at Armani and the ‘Scarlets’ at Maison Margiela to Beauty and the unforgettable ‘beast yellow’ and ‘candy-floss pink’ at Giambattista Valli. All, these “happy” colors keep that warm and fuzzy feeling with a brink of dopamine peeking out from under the shadows. Take the make-up fiesta too, where the eye-shadows like ‘fizzy tangerines’ and ‘lemons’ and the hair’s gone blorange signify a happy mood.

According to Carolyn Mair, a psychologist who seem to have developed an MA course in Fashion Psychology at the London College of Fashion, says that- There is replete scientific evidence which suggests that certain colors lift your mood. Whether or not La La Land yellow would pep you up is actually on you if you happen to find that color ‘chirpy’. Color is also ‘culturally located’, for instance, in UK black is worn for mourning, in China its white. So, according to Mair, any color can be a happy color, if you feel it to be.

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