This App Will Help You Move On From Your Ex In No Time

Image Source- New York Observer

There exist a plethora of ways to move on from breakup- vodka, dating apps, one-night stands, crying, meditation, but none of them seem to really undo the effect of your ex who is hovering over you like a ghost. I wonder why people become so much more important when they descend from the status of a ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ to an EX. Probably, because they suddenly become unavailable and that makes them interesting. Or maybe it’s really the feelings.

Acknowledging the fact that there isn’t a reliable solution for moving on from an ex, the makers of a new app are here to deliver the answer: Mend claims to be your free “personal trainer” for any ugly and hurtful breakup. Inventor Ellen Huerta, a former guru at Google, created the app to employ the combination of journalism, original content, and progress-tracking throughout your training so as to help you overcome the obscurity of heartbreak.

Already liking the idea? Simply log on to the App Store and download Mend. All you have to do is type in when, why and how you ended things with your ex. The app will also make you come clean about the last time you communicated with your ex. Following this, you will be made to go through your first training session, that will also acknowledge the fact that it’s absolutely normal to stalk and drunk text your ex. The app also hosts a ’28-day heartbreak cleanse’ to assist you in accelerating the moving on process. Once you join the membership, you will listen to a short but crisp motivational audio clip every day. A 24*7 emotional support and counselling line will also be at your service to help you steer clear of those wannabe late-night calls to your ex.

Personally, we totally love Mend’s interface and inspirational advises. Long before you will realize it, you will be on the path to singlehood-happiness. The app will also request you to check in incrementally and type in when you do healthy stuff to stay on the right path, like exercising and socializing. However, be mindful that this app isn’t made to replace professional help in overcoming a heartbreak.

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