A Dating Trend Shitting In The Face Of Romancehood 

Image source: High Snobiety

In the contemporary 21st century, dating has become a chess game as each person in a relationship awaits for the other one’s next move, be it on the first date or the dates after that. But neither of us realize that if we involve too much mind into matters of the heart, the whole essence of being in love with someone gets lost.

Today, we’re going to talk about one such dating trend that is trending nowadays. The world calls it ‘Stashing’, and reportedly it is even worse than the other dating trend called ‘Ghosting’. This is because in latter, after a short while that person totally vanishes from your world without a word or a ‘heads up’, whereas in stashing the person tries to keep you in a loop via sugar-dipped texts and Instagram quotes, but nothing really manifests in the real world.

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The dictionary meaning of this word is- ‘store something in a hidden or safe place’. And because of the fear of being alone or losing out on the other impressive options, people tend to keep you safe till they make up their minds. Admittedly, it takes a lot of efforts to keep someone in the dark about your own emotions by being fake-sweet with them. But, virtually one can pull out this sick move through snapchat filters, Instagram hashtags & WhatsApp’s easy availability. That’s the thing about social media, it lets one paint a rosy (fake) picture that they’re paying undivided attention and aren’t involved with anyone else.

This sick game goes on until that person sets his mind on you. And if they can’t, well then this can turn into ‘Ghosting’ where they will leave you high & dry without even a goodbye.

Jane Austen once remarked- ‘we are all fools in love’. Well, you can easily relate to something like this when you are being ‘stashed’ or ‘ghosted’ by the person you liked or loved.

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