The Legacy Carpets From Cocoon Fine Rugs Are Giving Us Major Decor Goals

Creating a gorgeous confluence between Rajasthani art and contemporary aesthetic, Cocoon Fine Rugs is a luxury rugs maker taking the decor goals to another level. 

Cocoon displays designer masterpieces that weave a story around its contemporary designs, patterned tapestry, and hand-crafted elements. Cocoon Fine Rugs are one of the most progressive carpet brands with its stores situated in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Jaipur. Designs influenced by classical Persian elements, Cocoon Rugs have their roots embedded in the old pink city- Jaipur. 

First founded in 2009 in Mumbai, Cocoon’s expert fleet of craftsmen are ready to go that extra mile just to ensure that every piece signifies the brand’s traditional roots. Cocoon Fine Rug’s founder Ayush Choudhary has used both his Rajasthani aesthetic sense gelled with his dainty foreign design elements. Be it your humble abode or professional set-up, rugs are well-suited for everything. With this thought in mind, Ayush has immensely catered to his business with all his knowledge and an eye for designs.

Cocoon Fine Rugs helps you with a variety of its signature collections such as Colours of Life, Alchemy, Kashmir and Urbane. One would be amazed to find a spectacular collection from some renowned designers as well like JJ Valaya, Ashish Shah, Rooshad Shroff, and Varun Bahl. 

Pink City Jaipur is well-known for its traditional architecture, magnificent forts & palaces, and Rajasthani marketplaces. The fourth flagship gallery of Cocoon Fine Rugs represents all these Rajasthani values and is situated in the center of the city in a statuesque building owned by its founder, Ayush Choudhary. For 30 years, the building has been with Ayush’s family and is a royal treat to the eyes with its engaging architecture. Spread over 30,000sq. ft., the building is an affluent mixture of extravagance and grandiose. The gallery allows it’s guest to maneuver his way into the unforgettable feel of its soft rugs, which reminds one of the long hours of leisure and the sheer comfort.

Talking about the launch, founder of Cocoon Fine Rugs, Ayush Choudhary, says “We are very happy to launch in Jaipur. It was very important for me to be in a place that has a rich history and resonates with the philosophy of the brand. The beauty of Jaipur is its royal lineage and heritage that has been home to, and inspiration for, various designers – both Indian and international. Amidst the historical and romantic palaces and forts of the city, Cocoon’s latest store is sure to capture the imagination of the nation as well the international design community and carpet aficionados.” 

One can always experience the beauty of the cocoon rugs at its official online store as well. 

Address: D-12, Hanuman Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur - 302021

Hours: Mon-Sat, 10 am-6 pm

Tel: +91-141-2350934 


Social Media:

Fb: @Cocoon Fine Rugs

Instagram: @Cocoon Fine Rugs
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