An Open Letter To All The First-Time Moms – Truths About Motherhood That No One Tells You

This is to the moms who have just started nursing an infant. To the ones who don’t know what it feels like to raise a human being. To the ones whose worlds have turned upside down with the entry of a new person in their lives. To the ones whose self-identities have demurred because of the incoming new being. To the ones whose happy & sad moments are now tied to this new person. Well, this open letter is like an ode to the new lot of mothers who are completely clueless yet headstrong and ready to begin their journey as a MOM.

The word ‘mother’ rings a few chords inside our hearts. It’s a strong word if you ask me. Mother is a person who is selfless and adamant. A person who knows no boundaries when it comes to raising a family. Someone who is always there behind you, someone who never asks for anything in return. In simple words, a mother is an incarnation of God.

However, there are certain things about motherhood that no one really opens up to you. Today, we’re going to break to you few such things you must always remember when you’re ready to step into the world of motherhood.

Being A Mother Requires Patience

Drop the flowery language and all the fiction stories, and let’s face the music. Being able to present every second around the clock for someone is tough. Not only present, but being fully awake from the senses requires a lot of real efforts. To be always there, to take care of the timings, to feed the baby properly & often and the work is endless, if you ask me. So, before you start with your journey, just know- Be Patient.

Sure mothering is tough, but when you see the adorable little face of your infant, your heart gets filled with love and inspiration to keep going.

Being a mother requires self-control

Even if you are a very patient and tolerant person in real, being a mother can always provoke your vulnerable side. To be constantly out there for someone requires a huge amount of will power and patience. There will be those times when you would want to shut the room and be alone or else to run away and never return.

Yes, the going will get tough at times. But with love and a lot of self-control, you will learn to enjoy this new phase of life.

Being a mother will teach you many things

Motherhood will teach you a lot about your own self. It will imbibe real values like patience, honesty, spirituality, positivity, pure and devotion in you. At the end of the day, you will thank the little human in front of you for reviving your childhood and making you a better person.

Being a mother is not a signal to quit your career

Motherhood does not imply that you should quit on your own dreams. You might want to take a break but do not quit. Because quitting something you really love & respect will make you all the more frustrated and sad and in near future, you might end up blaming your very loved one for it. So, keep faith and be patient till your little one becomes capable enough to not require your undivided attention and care.

Being a mother gives you a new perspective to see the world

Being a mother surely changes the way you see the world. It extends your imagination and willpower manifold times. Your mind starts functioning on a whole new level and you are filled with a sense of relentless optimism.

Being a mother is painful yet rewarding

You might feel tired and famished at the end of the day, sleep deprived and emotionally drained too. But there would be those moments when all these struggles won’t even matter in front of your child’s happiness. Once your child smiles at you or calls you ‘mommy’ in his squeaky little voice, your crying heart would learn to be happy again.

So, the mothers who have just given birth to an infant, play cool. Think less and just keep going, you are doing a great job. Don’t scale yourself on a measuring scale of 0-10 about how good a mother you are because this area of life is learned only with experience and has a big room for improvement. No mother is perfect or can ever be. Perfection is a myth. So, just make sure that you are having fun while going through all the struggles of being a first-time mom.

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