The Best Healing Herbs For 2019

Have you ever thought why some days are better than the others, why sometimes what we want comes so quick, and other times even after trying so hard, we lose? This is all a combination of hard work, luck, power, and magick. Connecting with our earth is the quickest way to achieve clarity and purpose for anything in life. Believe it or not, all the healing herbs and plants in our nature contain magic. They have their own spirits, which we invite when we are using any of them.

Here’s how you can use healing herbs for various purposes.


An extremely useful and easily available herb, basil can help a lot in building good communication channels if consumed on Wednesday. Eating it on Tuesday will gradually build up physical strength. You Can also burn it anytime to increase sensual pleasures.

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One can chew spearmint leaves and apply mint oil on the forehead or on plain white candles to increase intelligence and memory of children.

Star Anise

Star Anise a herb which gives both protection and prosperity. If you carry anise with you, it will ward off all the eveil spirits. Wearing a pendant in anise shape will help you succeed in work and business.


Sage is the best purifying agent. It also helps in driving out negativity from any place, as well as purifying your thoughts. Smudging sage all around your house can remove the negativity and cleanse the environment.


One of the strongest healing herbs, chamomile is ideal for relieving stress and bringing happiness into your life. Chamomile is also a very soothing herb – you can add it in your tea to calm your nerves and relax.


A common kitchen ingredient, ginger works wonders in inviting more luck and energy into your life. A person who needs healings and fast luck can bath with ginger in the water. One can also put ginger roots on someone’s photograph to heal them from a distance. Eating ginger on Tuesdays can give added energy.


Thyme is a special herb that helps enhance romantic relationships and marriages. Place it in a bowl next to your bed to send immense love and purifying energies to your relationship.


Clove is an amazing herb which can be used for commanding, compelling and controlling. You can easily chew a clove when you want your money back, which is long due. As you chew it, talk to the person who owes you the money. Once the conversation is over and you have a clear picture, spit off the clove.


You can call saffron a prosperity and wealth herb. It is also a very important herb for spirituality and psychic awakening. You can make saffron tea for opening channels of spirituality. Cooking rice with saffron leads to prosperity.


Rosemary is Also known as the protective herb. Carry this herb in a red pouch to cast off all the evil eyes on you. Alternatively, you can also hang it in a red pouch, on the entrance of your house to restrict any evil from entering your abode.


Eat fennel seeds to enhance your creativity and earn big. Sprinkling the seeds around your phone and laptop will bring in more business through easy communication with clients and customers.


A tangy herb, lemon is useful for love and purification. Adding sugar to the lemon juice and drinking it while also giving the same to the person you desire, will make him/her fall for you. Adding salt to lemon juice and taking the last rinse and soaking it will provide purification.


Tapsi Wadhwa
Tarot card reader since 2005
Guidance and remedies through Zibu angel symbols,
Candle magick, herbs and oils magick, Tarot spells etc.
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