5 Brutal Truths That Prove You Should Listen To Your Body More Than Your Weighing Scale

Feet on bathroom weight scale

There comes a time in life when your weighing scale becomes your best friend, that friend who gives you a good reality check, taps you at your back for encouragement and keeps chanting lectures into your ears. At this one moment you tend to think, why were you wasting so much time eating all those heavy cheese-dipped burgers or else the buttered popcorns in the theatre? And then a thin ray of sunlight pokes through the old webs of your brain and BAM! Just like a high school boy, you find yourself at the footsteps of a weighing scale, religiously praying and worshiping it.

But, meanwhile you tend to loose touch with your body, the language it’s communicating with, the muscular pain, those edgy mood swings, your inner-midnight-snack voice and all those tidbits of indulgent moments. As you go deeper into controlling yourself, you keep encountering various problems, the solution to which is hard to find.

So what’s the way out? Start listening to your body more than your weighing scale. Your weighing scale would only narrate you some facts and numbers, but your body is the channel to the golden coast, the hidden channel where all the answers lie, say for example- why you are moody? Why the won’t the fat vanish completely? Why is there a rocky edge to that muscle of yours?And so on.

Your body tells you a story in languages which only you can understand. No other machine or else a gym trainer would be able to translate that into syllables. Only you have to tap into the details.

Here are 7 things that you should keep in mind before devoting yourself to the weighing scale.

  1. Weighing Scale Doesn’t Allow You To Be Creative

When you are all about the facts and numbers, then your mind goes numb. The heart is in fix by your habit to eat only what is recommended by your gym trainers. Your body seems to repel under that pressure and then at the end of the day, just out of the frustration, you tend to stuff your face like a monkey. To avoid that kind of situation, one should be flexible and open minded when it comes to food. As, ‘love is not a thinking feeling, but a feeling feeling’, just like that food is there for you to feel it and not to think before every bite. So, let go and try different cuisines. Give yourself a chance to explore your taste buds. But, make sure that you do have those limits where your ‘fat’ doesn’t say hi to you frequently.

2. Weighing Scale Makes You Depressed

Weighing scale often makes people so scared that generally it’s the very reason they are so depressed. And depression leads one to eat way more than what he used to eat before. That’s why you should always listen to your heart more than some machine.

3. Weighing Scale Becomes A Point Of Comparison

Many-a-times, weighing scales are solely used for comparisons. The impact of such comparisons truly devastating to people who have a hard time losing weight. It’s always better to stick to working out, eating healthy and avoiding shallow comparisons.

4. Weighing Scale Can Be Your Best Friend, But Not Your Guardian

Yes, weighing scale is your best friend but don’t count on it every time. Instead, trust your instincts, go by your attitude and choose what is best for you. No one knows you better than yourself.

5. Weighing Scale Shouldn’t Be Your Need, But Just A Comfort

Use your weighing scale for your comfort. Don’t be over friendly with your weighing machine. It can turn bad for you. Visit it occasionally. Keep it easy. Trust your body more than those needles in the weighing machine.

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