5 Sex Positions To Try This Monsoon

Monsoon is around the corner and it’s about time to infuse some creativity in your sexual life and get the ball rolling. From cowboy pose to the mile high club pose, here’s your sex guide to monsoon.

P.S.- Don’t forget, the sexiest part of sex is a bold woman who complements her man, incites innumerable fantasies in him and makes him crave hard.

Here are 5 sex positions to try this monsoon to raise some serious temps in the bedroom:

The Wheelbarrow Pose

Feeling all bold and badass? It’s about time you hit the gym or get that exercise mode on as this sex pose demands a lot of stamina. The Wheelbarrow Pose requires the girl to kneel down on the floor, while the man holds her legs from back and pulls them up so that the girl rests her weight forward on her elbows and hands. The man can support her legs on his shoulders or chest and then can enter from behind. Remember, the cheat code of this sexual position is: greater the stamina, greater the pleasure.

The Mile-High Club Pose

The Mile-High Club pose is taken from one of your quick part makeouts. To execute this one, you better turn on your wicked naughty side. The girl requires to grab the guy from his collar and drag him to the nearest washroom from the dance floor (yes, it has to be done in a party). Next, the girl and guy should stand facing the mirror, while the guy penetrates from behind. The fact that both the girl and guy can literally watch the whole thing, is seriously some kind of a turn-on.

Stand & Deliver Pose

This pose allows you to relax a little with not much gymnastic strength required. Here, the girl needs to lie on the edge of the bed and pull her legs apart. The man, standing on the edge of the bed, grabs her legs at the ankles and then gently bends them towards her breast. That way, ample of deep penetration is provided and also the view is totally inciting as he can watch every thrust.

Reverse Cowboy Pose

This position is not for the faint-hearted. Reverse Cowboy Pose requires the man to lie down on the bed, while the girl climbs on him like one climbs a horse. Next, the girl gently lowers herself on him and rides him crazy. The only change in it is that the girl should sit facing the man’s legs.

Let The Pillow Play Its Trick

You never know how the little things can matter the most. That’s how the pillow plays its role. Get your soft pillow under you and redirect its position so that your pelvis is lifted upwards. This will give you and your partner that sexual boost.

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