Does Santa Really Exist? Here’s Where You Can Post Letters To Santa Claus


Want to feel that cold chimney burning with the maddening rush of X’mas joy? Want to hear those jingle bells ringing when the Santa comes riding on his reindeer? Want all your ‘honey-diPod’ wishes to come true? Well, I don’t know about the dinosaurs & vampires, but Santa Claus does EXIST.

There is a beautiful place called NUUK, the capital of Greenland where your beloved Santa resides. There is a gigantic red postbox at the NUUK Tourism office. It is the ‘Official Letter Box’ of Santa Claus which always gets emptied on December 24.

And the letters also get a reply. May be Santa is just a big fat animated cartoon who entertains you by signing ‘Jingle bells! Jingle bells!’ & it’s nearly impossible to believe in his existence. But, if we can steal those few moments of joy in believing a fairy-tale story, then why not?

If you still believe in the power of imagination & its consequence, the childhood fantasies & naivety of life, then do send letter to Santa at: ‘Santa Claus, 2412 NUUK, Greenland’.

You never know when you might get lucky!

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