Are You Being PHUBBED By Your Significant Other? 

With the dawn of internet and social networking, apps like Instagram have become your human diary. These apps demand your utmost undivided attention in a manner that you completely ignore your companions. This ignorance from you towards your companion is called “Phubbing”. According to a study conducted recently, when you phub someone, it can definitely hurt their feelings emotionally. Researchers at Baylor University conducted a survey on 308 adults in order to develop a “Partner Phubbing Scale” which was prepared of nine items that people in relationships think about their partner’s smartphone use. This study mainly included actions we tend to generally do, like keeping the phone face up on a table or else checking our phones at regular intervals in hope of any new message.

The second study analysed all this and found that out of the 145 adults surveyed, 46.3 percent agreed that their partner has “phubbed” them. Although we are of the view that the problem arises when you are on phone for too long. Also, as the survey quantified that 36.6 percent claimed that “phubbing” depressed them. Also, around 22.6 percent said that it led to issues in a relationship.

So phubbing, as cute it sounds, is like that big hurdle every modern-day relationship needs to overcome. It’s about time you start choosing people over phone. After all, social networking life can never replace social life.

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