An Open Letter To The Woman I Unknowingly Crushed Upon

To the woman I know and unknowingly crushed upon,

A confession that seems to have taken ages to be written, Yes written! with trembling fingers and sweaty hands of course. And I guess rather than speaking in a shaky voice, typing with shaking hands is better.
Lol! Who am I kidding. No guts to say obviously, such things are hard to do, VERY HARD. So if she reads this, I finally had some courage to send it. I don’t know if it’s the right or a wrong thing to do, But eventually I had to. I had to take it off my head.

So here it goes…
I don’t know where exactly to start from really but when I think about the current and past events, I wonder is she the one? Can she be the one!
Maybe, Maybe not.
Years passed I never really thought of it.
Or did I ? Perhaps not in the carnal way for sure but I guess at some point of time I did. Is there a possibility? Who knows. That’s the thing you see, how to know about it. Well to know I gotta ask. Asking someone about how they feel about you shouldn’t be a tedious task. I hope. But then sometimes a thought of her going away shivers my spine, yeah can’t loose what I already have, but again I should hurry before it’s too late. Cause now when I think of some probability of having something more, even 0.1% of it, these violins get louder and more melodious. Which makes me wonder; Damn ! How did this thought didn’t cross my path ever. This thought of us getting hitched. Yeah it sounds awkward, Too awkward to me too, But just imagine, wouldn’t it be perfect? It can be just as perfect as herself. Yes. Exactly. Looking at the similarities and zeal to do crazy things that we share in our closets, This should be definitely worth a try. A try that ends up in a start of a never ending story. Might not be a fairy tale but the tale of this moment, this togetherness.

A chance to make what everyone already considered happened. But there rarely are any real life Chandlers and Rosses that you meet.Dude! Can I be the one? and if not we shall just skip this day forever, and cherish it as a weirdly funny memory, Pretending like it never happened. But yes, atleast one chance is what I can ask for. But the question is, do I have the guts to ask for that ? I don’t know. But it’s better now than regret later. I know she had met terrible terrible people in past walks, But I can try to walk and simultaneously stop at each step to see her smile, I surely don’t wanna miss a single expression. Man! To me she is that every party I wanna be at. Every holiday. She is like homecoming. keeping her in mind, it all seems so simple and easy. And this can be our first and last experience of love, to love, to feel it till very depth, together. Floating or Drowning will totally depend on her. So if she allows, I would love to love her, For now and years to come.

PS: That she is you.

Yours Awkwardly,

A guy from the starred friend-list.

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