The Nostalgic Return Of Dumbphones And Our Love For The Familiar


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Pin your ears back, millennials. Once upon a time there lived a phone like none other. If you’ve been born in the 90s, you know that I’m talking about the strong-as-brick Nokia 3310 that enjoyed its own time for one entire generation. Reports have it that Nokia is now allegedly bringing back its muscular marvel.

Having its own pros and cons, this Nokia 3310 was a simple phone and not your second self, like your iPhone now is. This sturdy wonder could go on for days without being charged, allowed you to call and text and didn’t send your personal data to profit-hungry companies. What’s more, it was strong as hell, so much that there were even jokes about Nokia 3310 breaking the ground when dropped from the first floor, without even a single scratch on its body.

Playing a smart move, Nokia, which lost the smartphone wars sometime back, is now prying to mint some gold by bringing back the old. Call it a marketing marvel or exploiting of nostalgia, but this indeed is a winner move by the company to dupe the emotions of people as they relate this new version of an old phone to their childhood memories. But if you see it, every new trend is implicitly gift wrapped in the box of nostalgia in some or other form. Say, for instance, keyboards reminisce us of ancient typewriters, e-mails resemble a postage stamp, notes app resembles a yellow scratch pad and there’s a shutter-like click sound every time you take a selfie. All this is nothing but skeumorphism- the act of software companies to incorporate the old-world charm into the new. Humans often resist change and skeumorphism ensures that it’s easier for people to shift to the new that resembles the old. However, despite of all these efforts and schemes by Nokia, there’s hard to find a reason as to why one would give up on their second self, new-gen smartphones with the pros of a touch screen, pinch to zoom and many other features for a phone that’s not even living up to the standards of present. If someone misses it so much, may be they could simply use their phone less and cover it with a durable case.

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Playing on the same lines, how could Blackberry lag behind when its biggest rival (once upon a time) was planning a huge comeback scheme? There was a time when Blackberry, with its QWERTY keypad phones, reigned over the smartphone segment, with every other person showing-off his shining black possession. However, the dawn of touchscreen rendered this phone helpless and it had no option but to die a cold death. Getting a great comeback, Blackberry is launching its latest model with the dual perks of touchscreen and a keyboard, thus allowing you to enjoy the features of old merged with the new. This range, titled Blackberry KeyOne, offers a plethora of other exciting features like quick charging, 12 megapixels camera and security features, to name a few.

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