A No Strings Attached Relationship With My Father

My emotions tortoised, like a rotten paper burnt to ashes.
Anger soared, in the calm ocean that my heart was.
Love was a stolen jewel, scratched and polished through the trials of life.
“Father”, this word was like Bermuda Triangle to me; haunted and restricted.
The thin layer of air, had holes as big as a new moon night.
Your voice was light, but a distant one.
“My baby!”, you would call & cuddle, risk all to make me feel the love riddle.
Yet, the light was so distant. The more I catch it, the further it goes to the limitless horizon.

Your big hands cradle me, like a burning star shuffling through the laps of blue skies.
Your smell lingers more than your empty words, those hanging winter coats & formal ties.
The platinum floor speaks more than me, sending warning signals of your arrival. Power empowers love, like a small needle can get enough blood.
Fear is the foe of respect, little do you know, I am still your small girl.
Yet, my emotions tortoised & air vacated my body with every twirl of fate.
‘Father’, this word still echoes through the walls of my empty soul.

Just like a crescent moon waiting for the eclipse to relapse into a full moon night again.


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