MAY TAROTSCOPE – Know What The Stars Have In Store This Month

Hello readers! May is a month when summer’s in full bloom and you’re on top of your energy. This month looks vibrant and eventful for the zodiac, thanks to the Mars still in Gemini. Keep reading to find out what’s in store for your sign.


This month, the Aries sunsign will face a lot of open disobedience by the people around them which will make them feel discouraged to work further on any projects. Keep calm and try to understand everyone’s point of view and then do the things you feel are the best. On the financial front, May is a really good month to check your expenditures and encash on the big projects. Money will flow easily and you’ll feel the need to unwind and travel for a while.


Dear Taurus, May is the time to move ahead with ease but keep your pace steady. All the matters you indulge in will make you earn good money as well as fame. This month, your simplicity and practicality will make you win everyone’s heart and recognition will come flowing in like a whiff of fresh air on a windy summer morning. Keep enduring on the work front!


Dear Gemini, May is the perfect time to enjoy with your old friends and relive your sweet old memories in life. Enjoyment trips are on the cards. Some of you might find your past lovers back in your lives. This is also a good month to give your career a much-needed boost by implementing fresh new strategies.


This month, you need to be aware of dishonest people around you. They can be people at your workplace or even at home. They would lie about issues and keep you in the dark. Stay watchful and attentive. On the work front, take measured but cautious steps.


All those past friendships and relationships, which have caused pain, stress, and mistrust in your life, have started making you stronger and tougher. It is now time for new and fresh beginnings with a smile on your face and confidence within you. On the work front, May is going to be the most rewarding month of 2019. The dates from 4th to 12th May are very crucial, so make sure to get the maximum work done during this period.

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This month, all the challenges and competitions coming in your work sphere will move away. You will still stay ready to beat it if anyone tries to put you down. It is time to achieve greater heights and a bigger name. May will bless you with the good fortune to advance in your career/job and clear off any unwanted air.


The month of May is going to be the time of final workings on what has already been established. You are just on the verge of actual completion. Remaining ten percent needs your power to maintain this super level you have achieved so far. With a lot on your calendar, don’t be surprised if you seem like a social butterfly this month.


All that you desire this month, is on the cards for you. A perfect time to go out for vacations. Children would be in pleasant mood. This May is here to bless you with peace and joy, so it’s about time you take that much-needed holiday to relax and enjoy the month with your family and friends.


A huge opportunity related to work or relationship is going to come, this month and should avail it to the best. The assignments and tasks on the work front will only increase this May. The cards also suggest a very socially active month for you, with a lot of weddings and parties on your calendar.


Those who are single and are searching for a perfect match, your wishes seem to be fulfilled this month. Your ally, life partner is just there. Marriage is on cards and those already married will have a great love filled time.


Time for celebrations at home. I see a lot of reasons for this sun sign to celebrate this month. Every single thing will turn out to be an enjoyable moment. Reunions and short trips are on the cards.


Dear Pisces, this is not the right time to overspend and be too generous to people around you. You can, of course, help anyone in need but please be sure that you’re not being taken advantage of. Save money and possessions for your future. The wish-granting May will bless you with a lot of cash inflow and increased earnings.


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