May is symbolic of renaissance and new beginnings. Seeking inspiration from this rhythm of nature, our May Issue is based on the theme of ‘New Beginnings’. Inside the issue, you will find insights on a fresh start in the diverse aspects of life.

The face of the cover for this month is Muskaan K. Kumbhat. Young, passionate and successful, Muskaan is a force to reckon with. In this month’s issue, Muskaan is going to share her success story and journey with our readers.


All throughout May, our thoughts go out to the drifts of pale blossoms, the coolness of ocean breeze, the calm of summer haze and the soft ripples of sunset. Merging this seasonal experience with different facets of life, we will endeavor to offer you content as fresh as the season, all throughout the month, while consciously interweaving it with our inherent theme of Empowerment.

At this occasion of the launch of the very first cover of our Digital Magazine, we would like to express gratitude to all our keen readers who have stuck with us right since the beginning.

Extended Thanks To:

Muskaan K. Kumbhat, for being the face of our cover.

Alter Ego,  for offering the gorgeous outfit.

La Palma, for offering the location for the cover shoot.

Shubham Sharma, for directing and photographing the cover.

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