Here’s How You Hug Based On Your Zodiac

From cuddly hugs to side hugs and long intimate embraces, hugging is of various styles.  For some, hugging is an intimate business, while for others, it is a mere gesture. Here’s how different people hug, based on their zodiac sign:


Aries squad hugs everyone in almost the same style, unless ofcourse it is their someone special. Their charismatic style, that out-spoken self and radiant personality is for all, but that warm embrace with soft marsh-mallow voice is reserved solely for the special one.


Just like a traveler on the run or else a wanderer who is on the move with life, Taurus inmates are all casual and cool with a hug. For the bulls, hugging is no intimate or a detailed gesture affair. Its a simple pleasantry which should be done casually.


The twins of our zodiac love to hug. They are the ones who extend the hug or ‘hold on’ a minute more before letting go. The idea of an intimate hug is like chocolate to their taste buds, comforting and steal-worthy.


Cancerians have a thing or two for warm hugs. They give their all into that one single hug. Their whole eternity and existence depends on that single hug. So, be prepared for the light sighs, light kissing and a long intimate hug with the cancer mate.


Just as playful as they are, Leos hug like a cuddly cat. They tend to purr and squirm in your arms when hugging. Hugs for them are much like the light drizzle on a summery night or like cool breeze on a beautiful island.


Virgos are the ones who’d like to remind you how important you are for them, just by hugging you. Their hugs are tight and firm, just to show that they would protect you from everything. They are one hell of responsible and careful lovers when it comes to expressing their love towards someone.


The charming Libra is all about those friendly hugs. They would hang an arm around their mates and pull them closer- they are all for the side hugs. Close hugs are reserved for the moments when they feel really connected to someone.


Scorpions tend to idiotically smile throughout the hugging session. Their heart takes a leap and a radiant smile is automatically placed on their lips, when they hug.


Sagittarians appear all calm & collected during a hug, however don’t get tricked as they are like an excited ball of mush and love from the inside. They love passionate hugs that we usually get to see at the airports.


The ‘Goats’ of the zodiac sign seem to enjoy way too much and go in for another one when hugging someone. Since Capricorns take their own sweet time in opening up to someone, they hesitate a little in hugging. They enjoy lone and intimate hugs, only with someone they feel a genuine connection for.


It won’t be unfair to say that Aquarians might as well hug themselves, for they are too much occupied in their own fairy land. For them, a hug is an intimate affair. So, they tend to reserve the long ones for their inner circle.


Pisces inmates sprinkle hugs to everyone like glitter. They love showcasing affection and therefore don’t pick or choose; they are all for ‘free hugs’.


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