A Lesson On Clear Skin From The Island Without Acne

Whether you’ve got a smidgen of hormonal spots here and there, or suffered with more elaborate periods of all-over pimples, you know that acne breakouts are a girl’s worst enemy. Nevertheless, we’ve all been the victim of nightmarish acne at some point in our life. For some, it might be just a ‘teenage’ thing and for others it might go on all life. In fact, researches have estimated that in the western world around 75% to 95% of people experience acne breakouts at some point in their adulthood.

However, have you ever imagined of a perfect world where acne is nothing more than just a word in the dictionary? Hi5, so have we. Turns out, there does exist such a world where clear skin is a reality for all.

Introducing Kitava, an island in the Pacific that is a paradise not just because of its crystal clean waters & palm-fringed beaches, rather also because it is a home to some of the globe’s healthiest people, with a complexion you’d kill for. Kitava was subjected to a skin study wherein Dr Staffan Lindeberg observed 1200 of its natives over seven weeks duration. Under this study, he could not spot a single person in his sample with what he would categorise as acne. Lindeberg ascribed this quality to the nutritional practices of the Kitavans and not their genetic character.

So what is this magic diet that Kitavans consume? The Kitavan diet is fundamentally far away from the influence of Western dietary practices. Their diet comprises of fresh foods from the nature such as green vegetables, fruits, coconut and fish. They chiefly steer clear things like coffee, tea, alcohol and dairy products from their diet. If you wish to possess a crystal clear skin and embrace the Kitavan diet, here are the three rules-

1. Follow a low GI diet, i.e., consume foods with a low GI that discharge sugar gradually into the body such as blueberries, sweet potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, eggplant, oat bran, and rye bread.

2. Secondly, consume a meal rich in omega-3 fatty acids (think eggs, fish & flax seeds).

3. Lastly, they avoid dairy products altogether. That means it’s about time you bid adieu to coffee and chocolate. After all, the connection between a healthy intestine and healthy skin is a well-established one.

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