What Kind of A Friend Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There are all kinds of friends, some who say things honestly to your face, some who tell you when you’re having a bad hair day, and some who have your back, no matter what. There are also friends who crib, whine, chatter, punch, pull, fall & get up again with you.

If you have an Aries friend, then you don’t have to worry about the ‘adventure’ part in your life. An Aquarian friend is a careless & “NOT-TO-GIVE-ANY-FUCK-WHAT-THE-WORLD-SAYS” kind of friend is a carefree and detached kind of a mate. A Gemini friend would add that extra whip to your cream, a Leo friend would add more flames to your fire and a Pisces friend would add some more sweetness to your sugar.

Let’s find out what kind of friend you are, based on your zodiac sign-

1. Aries – The Fun Loving Friend

Aries go by the rule, ‘I’m sexy & I know it’. These are those friends who have a sassy attitude, are always brimming with ideas & never back down from being the host to all your parties, as they are great leaders. So, if you are planning for a crazy night out or anything adventurous, then this is one friend who would never disappoint you.

2. Taurus – The Understanding Friend 

This is one friend who would always have your back, stand by you in your highs & lows and also be there to check up on you, to know if you are doing well in life. Taurus friends are real keepers, so don’t lose them. They teach you the true meaning of loyalty through their fierce friendships.

3. Gemini – The Crazy Friend 

This sign is known for a flighty nature and vivacious energy. Their‘never say never’ attitude is what makes them so charismatic. Geminis are really adaptive and make friends wherever they go- that’s the reason they have a huge circle of mates. They have a commendable ability to talk to everyone & anyone because of their natural conversationalist qualities.

4. Cancer – The Cheerful Friend 

Cancer is that loving & caring friend who provides a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold, at all times. They are always there for everyone and their non-judgmental attitude about everything attracts people towards them.

5. Leo – The Glamorous Friend

Leos are the ones who are about ambition, high self-worth & good philosophy in life. They like the finest of the fine things in life and wish the same for their friends too. So, a friend who challenges you to do better things in life, the one who holds your hand and lifts you up to share some of their spotlight, is your Leo buddy.

6. Virgo – The Caring Friend 

This is the DAD of the group. Virgos are the ones who make sure everything is perfect and that you are not making any mistakes which would cost you a fortune. They are the cautious ones, who guide you through hard times.

7. Libra – The Advising Friend 

Libras are known for their romantic pleasures & love advises. They are great in giving advises & suggestions. They are the ones who can make your life easy by giving their meaningful insight on things. So the next time you have a girlfriend/boyfriend problem, know whom to consult!

8. Scorpio – The Protective Friend 

Scorpios are like that ‘protective shield’ which prevent any harm from touching you. They are out and out caring for their friends and won’t mind breaking bones of the ones who dared to harm you.

9. Sagittarius – The Humorous Friend 

This is the kind of friend who would leave you with a sore stomach because of how much they made you laugh. They have the vibes of a fun loving person, an animated aura which brings a smile to your face and their carefree attitude in life which makes you break free from the monotony and strict routines.

10. Capricorn – The Royal Friend 

Capricorn is that one friend, who is all for the classy outings, respectable social circles & the fancy gatherings. This is the one who makes you feel honoured just by being around. Also, a Capricorn friend would be the one who would help you host your social parties, as they have amazing managing skills.  Capricorn friend never backs down from helping & supporting.

11. Aquarius – The Healing Friend 

Aquarius mates also have some good advises up their sleeves and their advises always work! They have this innate ability to work their charm with a magic wand and the problem is fixed.

12. Pisces – The Creative Friend

Pisces all in for the creative workshops & art exhibitions. They are the friend with whom you can be yourself and simply chill around. These friends are truly unpretentious and take life as it comes.

These are your zodiac friends who make your life worth living, so treasure them and keep them close!

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