JULY TAROTSCOPE – Know What The Stars Have In Store For You

Hello, July! It’s the month of new beginnings and pleasant sojourns. Know what the stars have in store for you this month.


The month of July, will not give much time to plan for the Aries sun sign. All the things that you plan to do, will keep you waiting with no real results. You can be quick and swift to make decisions because long term planning will not benefit much this month.


Your strength and power seem very less this month. Anything sad can easily let you down. Stand up, charge your self and do not stay dull and powerless. Your energy will help you to move forward with ease.


The Gemini sun sign will have the responsibility of making big decisions in the month of July. Somethings around will try to shake you and bring down your confidence, but you can’t afford to lose it.

Have faith in your decisions and hold on to them.


The month of July is giving the Cancerians. A big opportunity to remove all the mental and physical restrictions coming in your path. Feel like a free bird, who knows no limit, but to soar higher and higher in all aspects of life.


This is the time to realize, that softness is also important for some relationships to sustain and become better. Dominating the person in front of you can make you lose him now. Be compassionate and loving, do not be harsh. Space is required.


This is not the right time to move ahead and seek new things. Wait, analyze the situation properly first. Leaving behind the important people in your life, will make you feel alone and regret the decisions later. So, keep calm and just stay for this month.


A wonderful month to recover and recuperate from all the losses made in the past. You have a chance to make up for most of them. Make the best usage of this time. Prayers and meditations will help you immensely.


You have been walking the same path and working in the very same way, past many months. Now is the time, to get away with the old school ways and boredom from your life. Get some spark and refresh every possible thing, make life much more exciting and interesting.


July is a heartwarming month for the Sagittarians. All the relationships will be giving you joy and happiness in all aspects. You would feel pleasure at work too. So just enjoy this rejoicing month of July.


You can have a tough time with the elder ladies in your life, this month. All that you expect will not be granted to you. Which in turn will irritate and discomfort you. Try and relax yourself. Avoid such situations to maintain a balance and not make it worse.


Avoid competing this month. As the results would not be in your favor. At some points, you will have to face defeat. Accept it gracefully and move ahead, with a fresh start.


A tensed situation in love relationships. Hardships and heartbreaks are on the cards. The reality is you have to go away and it was not meant to be. don’t get too disheartened, you will have a better choice in the future.

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