Jaipur’s Best Photographers With Aesthetic Instagram Handles

Time never stops for anyone. 

But is there any way we can freeze time for that fraction of second only to look back at it, maybe to reflect back upon that time? The only way known to mankind to do so is by sealing that exact moment in a camera; the way to go is to click a photograph. 

It is majestic what a picture can do. It brings back those scents, pungent or sweet, maybe even bitter. That picture makes you hear those noises that you heard when that photograph was taken; you relive that moment. You feel what you felt at that moment, sad or happy, even both. Most importantly, it makes you feel nostalgic. 

Look at it this way. You take a vacation to Paris. Needless to say, it is one of the most captivating and enchanting cities you will ever come across, be it fashion, the food or the architecture. However, as time passes, the memories start fading away. Yes, you remember you visited the Eiffel Tower, and you ate macarons, but you would not remember how widely you smiled when you were on top of the world; you would not remember how the wind was in your hair or how delicious the macarons were. And that is precisely what you will remember if you have a camera in your hand, capturing all the beautiful moments as time drifts along.

Each picture has more than one story; it has multiple perspectives.  A photograph has a soul. It is a form of expression, a way to tell people what we cannot speak of otherwise. A single photograph can connect so many minds because you may see a picture one way, however, the photographer saw the picture from an entirely different frame of reference. It would not be wrong to say that photography is an art.

Clicking photographs can be spontaneous, or it can be preplanned, like a photoshoot maybe. Either way, it is not easy to know when exactly to capture the moment. It takes practice to master the skill of clicking photographs. People may practice photography as a hobby, or a profession. When you start clicking pictures, you start noticing the intricate and otherwise hidden details of what lays around you. It makes you appreciate the world so much more. 

Jaipur, too, like Paris, is a place full of wonderful opportunities to seize the most alluring landscapes, the most magical architecture. Hawa Mahal, for example, is one of the favorite places for photographers to visit. The innumerable window panes tinted with bright colors, and the bewitching view from each one makes the ‘Wind Palace’ a beacon for photographers. 

Jaipur not only has amazing photography destinations but also unbelievably talented photographers, who inspire all.

Mitesh Punjabi 

Mitesh Punjabi is an excellent photographer who captures moments before weddings, at baby showers, and loves clicking pictures at fashion shoots too. He has worked with renowned brands like Toni&Guy and Sunita Shekhawat. When you visit his Instagram page, you see a theme with a series of three similar photographs, really adding to the aesthetic of his amazing skills. Photographs clicked by Mitesh Punjabi are different from each other; they have different settings and color palettes, making his pictures unique. You spot different angles, you spot individual subjects. His Instagram handle is @miteshsphotography, and you can look at other works of his at miteshsphotography.com. 

 Siddharth Pruthi

 His Instagram page is an absolute delight to go through! Siddharth Pruthi Photography is a studio of inventive specialists, situated in Jaipur. Built up in 2008, they are focused on acing each snap of the shade, while our reasoning is to be the one of a kind eye for everything about. Siddharth Pruthi’s portfolio comprises of brands from crosswise over India just as around the globe. Throughout the years, his team along with him have created and spearheaded in fashion, lifestyle and internet business stage. Their group has been cautiously curated to incorporate a wide range of ability in photography, architects, beauticians, make-up specialists, and collaborators. They invest a lot of time and money to get the perfect equipment and have the ability to deal with each part of shoot generation in-house, All this is conceivable at their 3000sq. ft zone where we can set up 5 studios under one rooftop. Siddharth Pruthi and his group are sufficiently capable to deal with anything. They work for Indian online businesses in particular like Myntra, Limeroad and some more. From the earliest starting point, they have had craftsmen in their team who really exemplify their innovative yield, both financially and in their own tasks while working at the most abnormal amount.

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Mayur Tekchandani

Mayur Tekchandani is one of the absolute best photographers you will come across in the city of Jaipur. Not only is he an experienced photographer, but he knows the best way to imprison moments in the camera. When you go through his Instagram or Facebook page, or any other work of his, you can instantly see how each and every picture has the perfect lighting and the perfect angle. Mayur Tekchandani has a whooping 13.5K followers on Instagram! I think it will be wise to have a photographer like him at all your special occasions, like your wedding, so you can look back at all those lovely memories without cribbing about how the photograph makes you look bad. His brand is called ‘Capturing Emotions Production’. What is even more impressive, and convenient, about him is that he not only shoots in Jaipur, but also worldwide, so for all those of you who are planning to have a destination wedding, but cannot find a photographer, here you go!

 Nikhil Mangwani

 The perfect angle? Check. The perfect lighting? Check. Beautiful memories? Check, check and check. Okay so first and foremost, before you do anything, you, without a question, have to check his Instagram page. The way each photograph is presented to the audience to view is exuberant. The grids and the frames are really creatively placed. It is baffling how amazing his photography skills are. It is spectacular how he stirs in the best angle, the best editing and the exact moment the picture has to be clicked only to create the ideal photograph. Nikhil Mangwani can photograph any occasion; however, he does specialize in wedding, lifestyle and interior photography. With over two thousand followers, Nikhil Mangwani is really rocking the photography world. He also shoots pre-wedding videos. 

 Third Dimension

The Third Dimension is a multi-year old expert photography administrations organization, work in Portraits, Model Portfolio and Fashion and Portfolio photography. The group offers items and administrations, for example, CD/DVD. The Third Dimension acknowledge tweaked photography necessities. The studio is in Jaipur, anyway, they spread occasions in Rajasthan and everywhere throughout the world. This feature of theirs makes it convenient for people having destination weddings, or events outside of Jaipur. They are open to convey in English, French, and Hindi. 

Our photos share such a great amount about our identity as people: what we find lovely, captivating, interesting, flavourful, significant, moving. They enable us to grandstand our own style, interests, connections, and undertakings, to stamp the progression of time. The easily overlooked details that make us stop and gaze give considerably more understanding into the sort of people the photographers are.

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