That Furry Friend Who Took My Breath Away: This Man Proved That A Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

Via- NY Times

Everyone says, ‘there is no love greater than the Mother’s love’, but I beg to differ. Why we can’t rest the debate in peace with the statement- ‘Selfless love is the greatest’. Because that’s what a mother’s love is after all- SELFLESS! And so is a dog’s love for you.

There is no such  thing like ‘love at the first sight’ with the furry friend, till he takes a steps back, measures your ulterior motives with his eyes scanning, comes out with a ‘power bark’ in case it finds anything fishy. If you have surpassed the stage of ‘not-guilty’, then come the licking, sniffing and wagging tails, till you reach the line of being ‘accepted’. That’s how the dogs choose their best friends, or should I say masters.

A dog is the type of friend who doesn’t cut the call with a ‘I’ll call you back’ text. It’s different with a dog, the kind of different which you like in a way and somewhere desire with your other human friends. Your furry friend would welcome you with curious lit-up eyes, drool-covered mouth, excited barks and curious wagging tail. And not just one time, but every time that you return back home. He gives you what the world is apparently reluctant to give- time to listen and not just finding its queue to talk. Your dog stays put, through all those high school drama, glossy gossips, sappy pillow talks and the lesson of ‘101 reasons why being a human sucks’. This is not a war between a dog and a human, rather a short insight or a reality check-up. An enlightenment to not to take your dog’s love for granted, just because it’s not going to go anywhere. One fine day, it will be no more waiting for you with a drooling mouth or would stay put till you ramble your way out; that fine day would be too late for the deep heart realizations because he won’t be there to receive those outbursts of love. So wake up and embrace the love, which you are lucky to receive. Because this man finally did embrace it, but it was too late.

The spoken word artiste Shamir Reuben’s poem, “A Man of Few Words” explained his undying love for his dog, that it’s been 9 years since he lost him but he misses him terribly. He talks about the selfless love of dogs and that humans just don’t deserve it.

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