These FIVE Work-Retreats Just Made ‘Work’ Sound ‘Oh-So-Cool’

 Mondays are nightmares. I think we all can agree on this one. Monday is to days what Trump is to politics. Yes, they both suck. On 2nd January 2017 (Needless to say it was a Monday), when I woke up from slumber, all I could think was returning back from work! Still hung-over on my Christmas getaway, I wondered if work could turn into one big holiday. Like three months long holiday, four times a year! If this sounds like you, Voila, you are in for a treat here.

What if I tell you there is a way to do this. Welcome to work 2.0! Getting on a metro to reach office at 10 AM is so 2016. If your work is ‘location independent’, then why not work with creative minds alike and surround yourself with some infectious vibes.

If you are a blogger, photographer, software developer, designer, start up enthusiast, a freelancer or anybody who just requires a laptop and a decent Wi-Fi to work, then you, my friend, are ready to go on a ‘Workation’. Here is a list of 5 work-retreats which allow you to work and mingle with like-minded people while you go for a swim in the beach, hike a mountain or try out a local cuisine.

  1. Hubud, Bali

A serene co-working space surrounded by rice paddies, this place is ecologically constructed with local bamboo and give pure Balinese vibes. It is a growing community of around 200 enthusiastic change-makers who are rewriting their success stories, one smoothie at a time.

  1. Sende, Spain

Holiday-ing in Spain never got more authentic. They have converted old stone houses into centres of imagination and creativity (read: co-working). Meet fantastic people from all around the world and make friends for life.

  1. Southwest Collective, Cayman Islands

It is a co-working retreat which brings together a vibrant community of people and offers excellent food and accommodations options. Holding your meeting under a starry sky is just one example of the things you can do here. 

  1. Coconat, Germany

A place for digital workers to disconnect, unwind and escape the city madness with a picturesque landscape. Run wild in the countryside, concentrate on your next big plan, get sun-kissed; take your pick.

  1. Sundesk, Morocco

Attain the perfect work-life balance in a focused environment in a sunny surf village of Taghazout. Brainstorm, share and improve as you work in day and explore the breath-taking Moroccan culture in evening or vice-versa.

So, what are you waiting for? It is work that you are converting into a holiday not a holiday into work; Remember. Let your wanderlust run wild. Let the ‘digital nomad’ in you break loose! Business with pleasure and laptop with sunscreen never sounded this good.

 Note: All the images are taken from the respected websites of the above mentioned organisations and for more info regarding the details, you may visit the same.

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