Do You Fancy an ‘All Girls’ Trip? Here’s The Ultimate Guide on ‘What Not to Expect’

I had a dream. Me and my girlfriends, clad in lust worthy beach-wears, sipping a few cosmos, martinis and gossiping about the hot ass we bumped into the pub last night. Sugar, spice and everything nice!

Recently, I happen to watch the trailer of Lisa Haydon starrer ‘The Trip’ and unless you have been living under a rock it is a story of four girls going on a road trip from Delhi to Thailand. Being from an ‘all girls’ convent school, voyaging with my girl squad was always on the bucket list because not only this gives a sense of independence and freedom (okay, this has got nothing to do with the approaching Republic day, JK) but just the thought of me and my power-puff gang celebrating life in an unknown city is enough to challenge my adventurous streak. Having experienced not one but three ‘All girls’ trips, I am at the position to impart some pearls of wisdom, so Ladies, beware because right in the middle of your third martini, ‘reality’ strikes!

Friendly Advice: Put your seat belts on!

Expectation #1: It is you and your best friends so unanimously deciding on the date for the trip will be a walk on the cake. This trip will be the top most priority in everybody’s life and the whole universe will conspire against everything odd to make the ends meet.

Reality: Somebody has to attend a meeting, a cousin is getting married, some birthday falls in between, and somebody has to attend a family drama. In short, it becomes impossible to decide on one date and go on the trip without resenting each others’ choices later.

Expectation #2:  Putting your best dress on and ticking off all the ‘must see’ on your list.

Reality: You never leave the hotel room because somebody took forever to get ready and you missed your bus!

Expectation #3: Meeting a group of hot guys and hitting off instantly, indulging in local romances and witness sparks flying.

Reality: All you see is, families holidaying and couples cooing making you feel miserable. At the most what you can spot is an over friendly ‘Uncle Gang’.

No Ali Zafar singing with guitar from Dear Zindagi! Sad, right?

Expectation #4: A perfect dance night/ karaoke night with your girls where you sing on top of your voices and groove till the sun rises, feeling you are Samantha Jones!

Reality: You unwantedly turn into a nanny, taking care of your friend who flaunted about her drinking capacity earlier but is now lying on the floor in her own puke, smashed by two tequila shots. You make a mental note of not to trust her again.


Expectation #5: Having a quiet, girly night-in, where you sip wine, paint each other’s nails and get your hands on some of the juicy gossips.

Reality: All you wish was may be the Wifi would stop working for a minute or everybody’s phones die out of battery with no power. Yes, evil grin. Nobody leaves the phone even for a single second. *WhatHasWorldComeTo*

Expectation #6: A perfect, sun kissed, pout picture of your squad, overlooking the horizon which you can upload on Instagram and be everybody’s object of envy.

Reality: Well, the reality is nobody gets over ‘Selfies’ and you never have that perfect squad picture, worthy of ‘hashtag squad goals!’

That said, I urge you to go on an ‘All Girls’ trip once in a lifetime because there is nobody who can understand you more than your girlfriends and in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with” and she certainly cannot be wrong.

Catch you later, preparing itinerary for Spain! Din’t I told ya? I am going on a girl’s trip. *JK*


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