This Bride Doesn’t Need Bridesmaids As She Has Got Her Male Buddies In The Loop

We all must have male buddies, but our girlfriends always steal the bridesmaids position at our weddings. After all, the name itself suggests female friends dressing up to play the role. But, this girl from Brazil doesn’t seem to go by the rule!

Rebeca Abrantes, a student of computer engineering happens to be one of the four women students in a class of 60. Well, that’s quite a reason for not having any female buddies. But, then to think of it- why anyone really needs female friends when the male buddies have got your back. So, Rebeca called her male friends in and asked them to play her bridesmaids. And to her utter surprise, not only did they agree to it, but were also quite excited about playing the part, living up to the new term- Bridesmen. 

Being as excited as the girls, for a quick make-up session!
A quick beauty check never harmed anyone.
Who says boys don’t know how to play dress-up.
Just in case you thought boys can’t gossip, be ready to get shocked.


And a little sneaking around!

This is how Rebeca’s wedding enfolded and also backed a nice column in every other magazine and newspaper. Let’s see who’s next in line to take this concept of ‘Bridesmen’ forward. 

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