The Best Workout For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

People have looked up to their zodiac signs since ancient times to foretell their futures, empower their lives, find their soul mates, and even plan their diets. Now, you can even find out what the best workout for you is according to your zodiac. All of us are born into one of the twelve zodiac signs, and it is believed people belonging to each sign have specific character traits and personalities. And based on these parameters, it is quite possible to tailor the perfect exercise routine that is compatible with you physically, as well as astrologically. With a new year around the corner, comes a new gym subscription. So why not use your zodiac to find out how the next year is going to be, AND plan your fitness regime accordingly. If the answer is yes, then keep reading.

1. Aries

Birth date: Mar 21 – Apr 20

Element: Fire

Personality traits: Driven, Competitive, Adventurous

Workout: For you, the ambitious Arian, the best workout method is one that is fast and fiery just like your sign, like metric-cycling, which is a form of indoor cycling. Alternatives have to be incredibly competitive for you, such as any form of martial arts-derived workouts.

2. Taurus

Birth date: Apr 21 – May 21

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Patient, Calm, Motivated

Workout: Taureans are down-to-earth (no pun intended) people, who prefer stable exercises that have a connection to the ground or nature. So, why not try good ol’ push-ups or planks or maybe even burpees (a form of squats), preferably outdoors when the sun is shining.

3. Gemini

Birth date: May 22 – Jun 20

Element: Air

Personality traits: Aware, Alert, Pondering

Workout: Gemini folks require a lot of effort to focus their energies, which is why the best workout for them is Pilates, which allow for flexibility and concentration. An alternative would be Acroyoga, which is a self-explanatory portmanteau for ‘acrobatics’ and ‘yoga.’

4. Cancer

Birth date: Jun 21 – Jul 22

Element: Water

Personality traits: Sensitive, Intuitive, Emotional

Workout: A gym would make a Cancerian feel like a crab out of the water. So the best workout for you is swimming, be it freestyle or synchronized. Besides, you could also stay indoors, spread that yoga mat and get in tune with your inner self.

5. Leo

Birth date: Jul 23 – Aug 22

Element: Fire

Personality traits: Creative, Extroverted, Jovial

Workout: Leos love to rock their inner diva, and the perfect way to showcase that is on the dance floor. So, get your inner groove going and burn those calories whilst boogieing to foot-tapping numbers. Alternatively, why not try Zumba?

6. Virgo

Birth date: Aug 23 – Sep 22

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Methodical, Practical, Efficient

Workout: Virgo folks are pretty much centered, so it only makes sense that the best workout for you is something that puts the focus on your centre, i.e., your abs. Core exercises like crunches, reverse crunches, dead bugs and chin-ups are perfect for you according to your zodiac sign.

7. Libra

Birth date: Sep 23 – Oct 22

Element: Air

Personality traits: Balanced, Affable, Peace-loving

Workout: What says ‘balance’ better than ballet? And yes, ballet is considered a form of exercise. You could also go for a more physical form of ballet called barre, which strength-trains your abs, hips, thighs and butt. An alternative would be sports such as tennis and badminton.

8. Scorpio

Birth date: Oct 23 – Nov 21

Element: Water

Personality traits: Intense, Passionate, Hardworking

Workout: If you’re a Scorpio, then the best workout for you is also the most ancient: running. The adrenaline rush that you gain while running will surely match your intensity. Other sports like badminton, basketball or swimming will also be a great option for you.

9. Sagittarius

Birth date: Nov 22 – Dec 21

Element: Fire

Personality traits: Free-spirited, Idealistic, Tough

Workout: The Sagittarian wants to be free like the wind, and at the same time, loves a challenge. So, a perfect regimen would be fusion classes, which combine core fusion, martial arts, and gymnastics. Alternatives would be CrossFit and obstacle course-type methods.

10. Capricorn

Birth date: Dec 22 – Jan 19

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Dependable, Disciplined, Self-control

Workout: Focus and determination are what matter to a Capricorn, so why would their best workout be any different? SLT (Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone) and mud races are a few body region-focussed, high-intensity workouts that should cater to your need for order and control.

11. Aquarius

Birth date: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Element: Air

Personality traits: Independent, Team player, Generous

Workout: Aquarians have a good sense of self-identity, yet they are profound at team work. So, team-oriented exercises and sports like boot camps and wilderness survival training, where you feed off each other’s motivation and energies, is the best workout for you.

12. Pisces

Birth date: Feb 19 – Mar 20

Element: Water

Personality traits: Easy-going, Empathetic, Artistic

Workout: Fishes belong in the water, and so do Pisceans. Aqua cycling is a fun way to rid your body of harmful toxins, and Aqua Zumba will check two of your boxes: artistic and water-loving.


Physical well-being equals mental well-being and it is no wonder that the stars play a crucial role in our physical health as well. So, work towards a healthy and fit lifestyle by incorporating into your lives the best workout your stars have to offer.

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