The Best Career Path For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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If you’ve ever sat at your desk, wondering “Ugh I hate this job”, you can go ahead and blame your zodiac (well, kind of). Just like all other areas of your life, your zodiac sign has a significant impact on the things you value in a career and, naturally, what may be the best career path for you.

Apart from money and growth, your personality is an important factor you should be considering when choosing your best career path. So find out- are you outgoing and personable? Incredibly introverted? Dreamy and artistic? These are things to ponder over when choosing a career. Focus on them, and you should find a career that makes you feel upbeat and fulfilled. After all, is there anything more empowering than a happy professional life?

However, you need to understand a few things when consulting your sun sign. You can get many indications from your sun sign as to the type of career you should choose. But it is not the only factor shaping your entire personality. You might also want to look into your rising (or ascendant) signs to get a bigger & clearer picture, as well as your 6th house and 10th house signs. Sounds fascinating? Then keep reading for what your sun sign might have to say about the best career path for you.

1. Aries

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Mar 21 – Apr 20

Element: Fire

Personality traits: Driven, Competitive, Adventurous

The adventurous Arian is all about… well, adventure! Work that involves the outdoors is a great match for you: forest ranger, trekking guide, camp counselor. And for those who prefer the indoors, your strong drive for excellence makes start-ups the best career path for you. With more and more entrepreneurs finding success with fresh start-ups these days, why can’t you? A new business provides challenges that will bring out the competitive spirit in you, and with minimal expectations, you can give your adventurous side full reign as you gallop forwards in your job.

2. Taurus

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Apr 21 – May 21

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Patient, Calm, Motivated

Taureans epitomize the phrase ‘salt of the earth.’ They have an inner strength that thrives on patience and self-identity. So, the ideal job would be to self-employment. You can choose your own workplace, your own goals, and aims, and take decisions with no hindrance from others. In other words, this job would entail a steadfastness that would appeal to you, as long as the work is something you love. Alternatives include any job that involves working with your hands: wood carving, painting, designing, and decorating, to name a few.

3. Gemini

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: May 22 – Jun 20

Element: Air

Personality traits: Aware, Alert, Pondering

Geminis have great self-awareness and are perceptive of the fluxes that surround them. This makes the media and entertainment industries the best career path for you. With your finger constantly on the pulse of the world, you can identify and consolidate on growing trends in the modern world. Also being a versatile operator, you can also more than one job at the same time. Acting and modeling are also good alternatives.

4. Cancer

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Jun 21 – Jul 22

Element: Water

Personality traits: Sensitive, Intuitive, Emotional

Being the most emotionally driven amongst all the zodiac signs, Cancerians will flourish in jobs that emphasize on caregiving and humanitarian activities. So, working at charities, orphanages, homes for the elderly or the destitute, or the healthcare industry would be ideal for you. Your strong sense of service makes options such as the police or the military equally viable. As long as your heart is in the right place (and it usually is!), your job will be too.

5. Leo

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Jul 23 – Aug 22

Element: Fire

Personality traits: Creative, Extroverted, Jovial

Leos are an energetic lot, and also revel in leadership roles. The best career path for you is in management and associated jobs, where you can tackle problems head-on, and catch them by the scruff of their necks. Your idealistic notions mean that the job also has to provide you with a sense of purpose in life. Tapping into your never-ending supplies of energy and enthusiasm would make acting and dancing good options as well.

6. Virgo

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Aug 23 – Sep 22

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Methodical, Practical, Efficient

Their methodical and fastidious approach to life makes Virgos the ideal candidate for jobs that require attention to detail and rigorous concentration. Options include researchers, detectives, doctors, coders and programmers, editors and proof-readers, and technical staff. Your keen eye for aesthetics also makes you a good fit for the interior designing and decorating businesses. Any job that lets you fly under the radar and allows you to work in peace is the job for you.

7. Libra

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Sep 23 – Oct 22

Element: Air

Personality traits: Balanced, Affable, Peace-loving

Libras have the most likeable personalities among all the other zodiac signs, and so the best career path is obviously the one that involves direct interactions with other people. A good option would be HR and marketing, where your rapport with colleague and clients alike will ensure that the business is booming.

Alternatives could be the field of sales, and even a career as a lawyer, considering the fact that Lady Justice holds aloft a set of scales, the very symbol of Libra.

8. Scorpio

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Oct 23 – Nov 21

Element: Water

Personality traits: Intense, Passionate, Hardworking

Scorpios like a little intensity and passion in their work, particularly when it comes to assisting other people, so the services and hospitality sectors are good options for you. Counselling and providing therapy for victims of accidents or crimes are jobs right up your alley. There is no job too difficult or daunting for you. Set your mind on the tasks ahead, and you will emerge with flying colors.

9. Sagittarius

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Nov 22 – Dec 21

Element: Fire

Personality traits: Free-spirited, Idealistic, Tough

Nothing lures the freedom-loving Sagittarian like the open skies and whiffing winds. So the best career path for you would involve a lot of traveling and exploring (no 9-5 jobs behind the desks!) The tourism industry that exposes you to different cultures, and travel agencies that cater to your love for travel are excellent options.

Alternatives include becoming a- guest professor, visiting scholar, interpreter, and an extreme sports enthusiast. Basically, anything that gives you an excuse to pack your suitcases on yet another trip around the world.

10. Capricorn

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Dec 22 – Jan 19

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Dependable, Disciplined, Self-control

Precision and efficiency are the cornerstones for a Capricorn, and so they like practical work. Executive and management positions are tailor-made for you, as they require a great degree of control and order, things that you pride yourself on. A good alternative would be the banking business, where, again, your need for discipline and meticulousness come to the fore.

11. Aquarius

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Element: Air

Personality traits: Independent, Team player, Generous

Being the self-dependent individual you are, the best career path would be one where the workplace is not congested and allows you more freedom to spread your wings as you see fit. Small-scale businesses and start-ups that embrace the ‘unique’ and ‘independent’ tags with open hands are good choices, so is humanitarian work where your empathetic instincts can kick in and do some real good in the world.

Alternatives include becoming a- tour guide, camp instructor, and hiking and trekking guide, where you can soak in the sun in the open, and feel the wind around you.

12. Pisces

Via- Momstrology

Birth date: Feb 19 – Mar 20

Element: Water

Personality traits: Easy-going, Empathetic, Artistic

Pisceans are an artistic lot, so naturally, the arts are a good choice. Painting, sketching, sculpting, composing music, writing poetry and novels; basically anything that gets your creative juices flowing is an apt fit for you. An alternative would be a career in the software business, where your creativity would be a great asset for app development, programming, and even cyber security.


Many people find themselves stuck up in mundane and boring jobs where they just punch the clock every day so that they can earn a living. It is always imperative to do work that both empowers and satisfies you, something that is compatible with your overall outlook and personality traits. If this what you desire, then why not let your stars guide you to your dream job?


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