An Astrology Treat For All The Zodiac Signs- What to Expect In 2017?


  1. Scorpio

Scorpio, shun your doubts as this is the time to shoot through the sky and test your realms. You have been self-doubting yourself, the career paths and whether to just let go. Remember everything which leads to a doubt, has immense scope hiding behind it to be revealed once you solve the mystery. But, just keep going. Overthinking is bad.

Listen to what others have got to say, but always do what you want to. In short go with your gut. This year your faith and courage will be tested, but all for good reasons.

Love & Relationships

Everything lies in the deep intimacy, emotional support and the eagerness to be together. Don’t retract because of your over-thinking nature, just let go. Straighten your back and take a big leap of faith when required. A risk is no risk until and unless it’s not tested or taken.

Career Talks

2017 is the year to dive right into that deepest ocean and take that plunge. You have many positive energies around you which would lead you to something and that too independently. Your colleagues will be very impressed by you and your leadership skills.

  1. Cancer

2017 is the year of change & transformation for Cancer folks. But everything lies in making the first move. So let go of the old and make the new move.

Loyalty is going to be your biggest mate this year as this is that fierce quality in you which can get you over the greatest mountains.

You are striving hard to make something work, but there is this pulsating urge to compete and conquer which makes you dull and lifeless at the end. Competition is good but excess of anything is bad! So, take that leap of faith and get what you want but on your own terms.

Love & Relationships

This is the BEST time for love and relationships. If you’re committed, then fly through that different shades of love which can lead you to engagement, marriage or starting a family.

If you are single, then this can be the most romantic time of your life. Don’t rekindle an old flame, rather start something new and fresh.

Career Talks

This is that time of your life, where you are going to decide something really important for your future. A turning point in your career life is on the bay. Don’t let doubts dull you or any prior engagements hold you back. Just go with it.

  1. Leo

LOVE is blazing hot and sizzling for you this year. Pick up that smeared ego, those little blintz of let-downs and be ready to face the TIME of your life. If anybody is lucky this year then it is -YOU! You have the mix bag of magic tricks, where you just need to put your hand in and you would be dazzled by what you may find.

A new found wisdom and a ‘point of view’ is waiting to bloom inside you. The famous saying, ‘All the answers that you are seeking lie within!’ is what is on your mind right now. There is this one reflection which is centering you towards a new found happiness.

2017 is awaiting you with open arms, so go and jump right into that pool of mind blowing things.

Love & relationships

For the singles, the heat is building up! Your love life has meteors thrusting through the sky, making you go ballistic with someone. Everything would happen so fast this year that you won’t get time to think about the pace, the person or any attribute which needs consideration. This is going to be the time of your life which sure will make you see the heaven. An immediate ‘hit off’ with someone is definitely on the cards for you.

For the committed ones, this is the time when you would be relishing most of the time in your beau’s arms. A long trip or shifting to some other city is on your mind.

Career Talks

Even this sector is MAGICAL for you, any yarn you spin or any dream you mint, with a little bit of good effort and creativity, it will definitely turn into magic. You will receive amazing feedback and appreciation for your work. Your big plans and dreams are all on the verge of being implemented just as you wanted them to.

Travelling for work is also on the cards. A world which can also turn even your Mondays feel like Saturdays is awaiting you.

Savor every moment, relish every fact, respect the new found wisdom and value every new bond. This is the year to be relished & enjoyed because these will be the memories you’ll carry forever.

  1. Taurus

Taurus, you are travelling towards the big ship of opportunities sailing towards you. So, don’t lose your sight and set your goals right. This year is going to be great for you in the career aspect.  You would want to fly, run and take big leaps with the new found optimism. An aura of high optimism surrounds you and glows with you.

Be brave and divulge into that ship of opportunities which is heading straight towards you. It needs strength of the heart and good will power to reach somewhere, but then what is really earned without any true effort. So go for it Taurus! 

Love & relationships

The singles and the ones in a relationship are all in a very peaceful phase in terms of love. The committed ones are set out on a calm ocean without any tidal storms or bad weather.

Career Talks

Career is on the verge of taking the big turn for you this year. Just be prepared for that swift wave which would set out everything into a fast reverberating motion. All you have to do is to be brave. Many new opportunities are waiting for you.

  1. Gemini

For the twins, it’s the year to explore something NEW and let bygones be bygones. Every kind of past has an ability to teach us something. And every future has an ability to put a smile on your face. But you are the people who live in the PRESENT. So let go and grab that tail of utter magic and dazzle the world with your unending optimism. You are a healer by nature and it’s exciting for you too. This year it’s all about being new, choosing new and starting new. Be it any love conquests, exciting trips around the world or any career path.

Love & relationships

Sort out what is tangled. Set those ripples straight. Say what has not been said, solve instead of immersing right into it and start afresh.

Career Talks

There is innovation and immense creativity knocking at your door. Open it and let it flow. You seek happiness when you start something new, something which can get those mercury minds writhing for more. Thus, this is the year to indulge yourself into some new projects which can realign you with immense shots of magic and rhythmic optimism.

  1. Aries

This is the year to build a strong career. The positive energies are in sync with you. You need to believe in yourself, stay focused on the goal, ignore the chaos around you and be a self-motivating force.

With big success comes bigger responsibility. There is a great chance to out limit yourself. Just take that dive into the deepest oceans and come out smiling. Every risk conquered is going to be a big WIN for you this year.

Love & relationships

As this is the year to be focused on your carrier, there is no space left to invite someone new. The singles are going to have a rocking time this year. And if you are into a relationship, then just balance out and be patient.

Career Talks

This is the year to boost up yourself in the work aspect. Your strong will power, the urge to conquer the hardest battles and that ‘never save never’ attitude is what will make you win.

  1. Pisces

For Pisces, it’s the time to re-discover! Rediscover that passion which was lost, that skill which you never used that idea which has been floating in your head from such a long time and that one love which has never been tested. As you are twiddling between past and future, you need a breakthrough. An amazing re-discovery of something can get you what you want. Just keep faith in yourself and listen to yourself more than what others have got to say.

Love & relationships

This is the time to rediscover that old passion, a restricted zone or that burning fire which has burdened you for long. This year is about letting go what has been broken and scarping off what has been annoying you for long.

Career Talks

Work can get you down, dull or broke for a while but you need to buck up and get yourself out there for more. Stop pressurizing yourself with every single task and just learn to – Delegate. Give yourself time and space to try new things to prosper and grow.

  1. Aquarius

This is going to be a refreshing year for you. There will be moments when you would have to go through a strict burning process but then, you know, to shine bright like the sun, one needs to BURN first!

A new transformation awaits you. Some new truth discovered or any new skill kindled is what can bring excitement in this year. A new thrill awaits you but you need to jump right off and right into it.

Love & relationships

That loved one or your other half will seem a little detached and cool with you. But this detachment and anti-social way of people is giving you time to look after yourself. This is the time when you would be discovering a new side of yours which would be very beautiful. So, at times, ignorance is bliss and especially when it is from your foes.

Career Talks

This is the year for a lot of work, anxiety and sleepless nights. You need to stay calm and collected and try to keep your focus head on. Stress will hit you when you are working hard for something. But in the end, results will be great.

  1. Capricorn

Confidence is your forte this year and you are radiating this alluring energy irresistibly. You can take a chance, go push through your limits and do things out of you comfort zone. You can hold people to their commitments & you can charge like a raging bull through any shit. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but an easy medium to show the people you love, that you care. After attaining success, the real happiness is when you have someone to share it with. Tell them how you feel, let them know that without their love & support you would have been nothing. That way you would be able to freely trust them and in the process re-kindle the trust in yourself which is the foundation of that booming self-confidence. So, keep re-filling your confidence jar this year by trying out different things, leading a group and indulging into meaningful tasks.

Love & Relationships

Everything is quite in a positive rhythm because as said above, you have got that self-confidence and tact to handle anything & everything. The ones committed can think of proposing, a marriage or settling down. Even the sex life is looking up to you this year.

Career Talks

This is the time to push your boundaries and go discover. This is the time when all the positive energies are working for you, so even a little effort from your side can get you a lot of gains. So be peppy and proactive to go and seek what is seeking you.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius, it’s the year for you to invest in yourself. Get excited with your success, feel satisfied with your art and keep re-inventing yourself with very passing day. It’s the time to set your boat sailing and not worry about the stormy weather or wild tides of the ocean. This is the year to enjoy the vastness of the ocean and sail farther to know what lies ahead. As your sign is all for adventure and new things, you must go and seek. The time never waits for anyone and you don’t wait for anyone’s approval. You have this wanderlust in your soul, so don’t let it fade away because of some minor let-downs at the work front.

Love & Relationships

The Archers can prepare themselves for the month of June, when it is predicted to be all romantic & rosy. There is a lot of socializing and quick getaways this year. You are light headed and all for the fun. So, this is the time you will be investing in healthy flirting & investing in romantic getaways.

Career Talks

This is the year to shoot that archer which you have been holding for long and be confident about your aim because you will get what you want. This year you would reap what you sowed last year and a lot of fame is also on your card. So go for it archer, and take an aim!

  1. Libra

This year you would be working more on your individual self, like your emotional freedom & security. This self-realization and spiritual boost can get you a little farther away from the people who are not able to match up to your viewpoints. But, without any resistance keep going on this path of seeking spirituality. Self-realization and the confidence-check can get you many golden points. So don’t stop and take that leap of faith for yourself even if you are alone as of now!

Love & Relationship

This air sign is all about flirting and having fun. But when they really find ‘the one’ then they are the most loyal beings. And according to the annual prediction, August can be your month of finding that ‘one’. All that love energies would be centering in the middle of this year and you would recognize your better half sometime then. So hold your horses high and tighten the seat-belts for the romantic ride of your life.

Career Talks

There is a lot of financial boosting waiting for you. But the magic lies in the effort. A little effort from you can make you tap those financial opportunities waiting for you.

  1. Virgo

The shots of creativity and that innovative thinking is what is seeking you this year. You are brimming with amazing ideas on the work front as well as in the personal life. This year you will be radiating such a charismatic personality with that sharp mercury mind and stunning social skills that you would be in the limelight for a good time. One thing you have to take care of is self-confidence.

Love & Relationships

Commitment is on the cards with some marriage announcements or a romantic getaway. You are very bold and rash this year, so inciting that proposal which you were holding back from such a long time, it’s the right time to say the words and get the girl.

Career Talks

It’s that time to take risks on the work front and because of your innovative nature you would receive that post for which you have been struggling for a while.

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