Apple iPhone (RED) Is Finally Here

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Listen up, Techno-freaks! You can finally catch a glimpse of the ruby red iPhones lined up neatly at the Apple Store or even own one. If you’re blasé of the basic rose gold, grey or silver iPhones, this one’s going to be a deal-breaker for you. But there’s more to Apple’s RED iPhone than just a striking color. This is a ‘special edition phone’ and there’s a reason behind it.

Ten years ago iPhone began producing the special edition, red-color devices to aid in promoting and financing Product (RED)’s determination to fight HIV & AIDS and a decade later, it has inculcated iPhone into the red fold. These special edition gadgets are the consequence of a partnership between Apple and the (RED), which is an establishment started in 2006 by U2 lead singer Bono and Bobby Shriver, who is an activist and attorney in California.

The company began with iPod Nano Special Edition (RED), and since then has manufactured everything from (RED) Smart Battery cases to (RED) Beats headphones, RED Mac Pro and more. However, now Apple seems to have changed the game by bringing in its climax product, the one that cashes in majority of its profits.

Opting to finally do a (RED) iPhone is “a nice recognition of our partnership with the (RED) team in battling HIV and Aids,” remarked Apple VP of Marketing Greg Joswiak.

Starting the 24th of March, the (RED) iPhones can be shopped from all the online and retail stores of iPhone. Regarding the production of the (RED) iPhone, Joswiak remarks that Apple plans to manufacture “a bunch,” but cannot comment how long they are going to be in marketplace or precisely how many are available.

Apple will also carry out initiatives to edify customers on why these new iPhones are red.

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