Anxiety Triggers According To Your Zodiac Sign

There are times when life takes a toll on you with feelings such as devastation, sadness or loneliness hunting you down and your self-confidence seems to go away on long vacation. Let’s find out how many of these anxiety triggers are actually linked to your zodiac sign-

1. Aries

 At times, the Aries tend to take the quote, ‘Life goes on’ too seriously. You tend to be on the go, even if you are not feeling yourself. This ‘going on’ makes you tired & at times just lost. So the great advice for you to is to take a seat back and watch life go on. Life can manage on its own for a while, don’t worry. Regain your relentless energy and come back with a BANG.

2. Taurus

The small fears get to you, like missing the deadlines, not ticking everything off your ‘to-do-list’, not being able to follow your resolutions, not being good enough for your friends, not fulfilling your family’s expectations. You are like that sponge for consuming all the problems which are spread in your area. So at times, you just have to remind yourself to breathe and that you are only human in the end of this hectic tirade called ‘life’.

3. Gemini

Gemini tend to make a fuss out of the little things. Often it’s not the problems that chase them, it’s the other way round. Even if everything is totally balanced in their life, they would create a fuss or drama just to make their life fun. Also, their overthinking nature and restless mind gets to them. So for them some spiritual exercises which calm their stressful mind would be perfect.

4. Cancer

Cancerians are ticked off with the feeling of being unsafe. The instant when they feel that they are being stalked or being stared at or else someone is crowding their personal space, they become anxious. So just remember that if you confront the situation well and deal with it instead of overthinking, it can really work in your favor.

5. Leo

Leos consider themselves as the boss. And a boss is often irritated by the things not going their way & that they are losing control over them, it makes them exasperated to the core. Not having enough control makes them budge. Life is really unpredictable at times. So, just continue doing what you planned to do and put all your worries to rest.

6. Virgo

These are complete perfectionists, they are all about accuracy and cleanliness. So if things are out of place or unorganized, this puts them into a panic mode. Just breathe & let things be the way they are, for a while.

7. Libra

The fact that something is unfair or not equal makes this sign go OFF. If they are not equally treated in their work place or at home, it makes them bitter and angry. This sign is all about fairness and justice.

8. Scorpio

You are a private person. You dislike over-crowding. At times you just want to be with yourself. You are the one who respects private space. Too much poking by the people makes you go mad.

9. Sagittarius

The fact that one has to behave by the rule book set by the society makes you go nuts. You don’t like conventional-ism or the stereotypes. So you try to push against them which makes you so restless.

10. Capricorn

The problem here is YOU yourself. You are your own boss. So, at times you are too hard on yourself by setting unrealistic deadlines and bench marks which cost you to be aggressive and sad.

11. Aquarius

 This sign is very stubborn about how particular things should go. And if they don’t go as they planned, it makes them irritated. They can’t take things going against them. Also, Aquarians are often seen as ‘cold’ and over-attachment or emotional involvement makes them restless.

12. Pisces

 This sign hates over-exposure. The moment that they get to deal with huge groups or anything too social, they withdraw and go back to their shell. They are cool with ‘their’ people but it’s the crowd comprising the strangers which pushes them away.

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