Abhiyant & Abhishek Raniwala For The Social Lit – Feb 2020

The Power Duo: Abhiyant & Abhishek Raniwala

Fine purveyor’s of heritage Jadau Jewellery, the power duo- Abhiyant and Abhishek Raniwala grace our February cover. An epitome of luxury, Raniwala 1881 is a family business legacy and an aesthetic jewellery studio that immediately traverses your imagination on a magical journey down the royal era. Raniwala’s handpicked jewels have graced numerous celebrities and witnessed countless fashion shows.

Abhiyant & Abhishek Raniwala

With an ethno-contemporary design philosophy, Raniwala is deeply rooted into the traditional culture and Jadau craft. The brand aspires to narrate a saga of old motifs, amplifying them into more relevant designs of today.

“Our journey starts from exploring the most basic motifs of the old era like a ‘pankhi’ or inspired from the mughal era, and adapting it into the contemporary techniques and trends while also restoring and upholding the authentic craft.”

-Abhishek Raniwala

Over several years, Raniwala 1881 has successfully translated the Jadau craft into wearable art for people across India and received a series of design awards and accolades throughout their journey. On this note, Abhishek remarks, “We’ve had outstanding collaborations working with acclaimed designers across India. We’ve also reached out to the new influenced community and catered to their dream jewellery. These are the things that allow us to remain at the top of our game!”

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The ideal Raniwala bride is a multi-faceted woman who is highly empowered while at the same time looking super stylish – an aristocrat in modern times. She is the girl with a lot of ambition, is rooted to her culture and heirloom jewellery. Speaking about the brand’s vision, Abhishek Raniwala remarks, “We see ourselves exploring more and more into flat-cut diamonds, i.e., the polki jewellery which is a natural fit to the Indian tribe. Taking that path, I see a lot of scope in fine polki jewellery. The more global we are getting, we always want to have a foot rooted into the Indian legacy.”

Raniwala 1881 recently launched a niche, ready-to-wear line for an effortless daily look.

We, hereby, express gratitude to their entire team and wish them a journey as bright and exciting as their jewels!

Extended Thanks To:

Mohit Singhalfor photography.


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