The 90-Second Shower Trick That Will Empower You Throughout The Day

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In our entire lifetime, we spend a million hours showering, or probably singing in the shower, with the cascade of warm water droplets hitting our skin surface and making us feel like we’re on cloud nine. If this sounds like your case, you’re doing it all wrong.

No matter how comforting & relaxing a warm water bath feels, it’s actually not the right first-thing to do in the morning. The hard, let’s say the cold truth is that, when you’re indulging in a hot shower right in the morning, you’re actually sending yourself back to sweet slumber. While in your mind you might be thinking that warm water bath is refreshing, yet you always end up wondering why you fall asleep on your way to work. The real culprit is the hot water bath. Studies have established the fact that when we feel the cool air brushing past us after a hot shower, the rapid fall in temperate sparks a serene state of mind, channeling us into a numb mind set. This is the reason why doctors often suggest a hot water bath right before bedtime for a peaceful slumber.

So what’s the solution? Once you’re done with cleansing in your daily shower routine, turn up the shower nozzle to the coldest temperature and stand under the water for 30 seconds (Feel the chills? Bet, it’s not colder than your ex’s heart). Following this, switch to lukewarm water for next half-a-minute. Next, finally retreat to cold water for another 30 seconds before you get out of the shower. You’re totally allowed to yell or scream through the ice cold hail.

Benefits? Trust us, this quick morning routine will not only increase your blood flow, but also revitalize your mind and body, reduce depression and give you a healthy glow. This trick will also decrease stress levels by increasing your tolerance capacity, assist in losing weight fast by creating energy-destroying brown cells and aid in building a strong immune system by forming more disease-combating white cells. This is a hydrotherapy that has been used since ages, all over the world. You can now reap it’s benefits daily, right in the comfort of your home.

Once you move over the fret of ice-cold water, the benefits are going to be super miraculous. Don’t trust us? Follow Victoria Beckham, who swears by this magic trick.

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