7 Preppy Reasons To Find Love & Lusty Bites At Tapri- The Tea House In Jaipur

This may sound cliché (or may be it really is), but juggling between those crusty bites and hot sips of tea, one may find their love. Tapri- the tea house is one such place in Jaipur which envelops you in its stirring winds flowing along with background music and buzzing of the crowd. The place greets you with its woody décor, warm embrace and chirpy ambiance. From the moment one steps foot into its sensational mixture of food and social life, they feel overwhelmed like never before. Here, you can often spot a lone artist tapping ferociously on his laptop, a group of middle-aged ladies trying to spice their life up, those three-suit piece formal meets or the vivacious group of young lads.

We at, The Social Lit, have taken the liberty to compile 10 preppy reasons, as to why Tapri- the tea house is totally LIT-

  1. No One Can Resist The Line-up Of Hot Teas

It goes without saying that Tapri is famous for its masala teas and other variations as well. The morning walkers, the weight lifters, the sleep deprived artists, the tea-addicts and the ones who still haven’t got the magical taste of teas are here to re-live and re-energize themselves with the taste of these appetizing teas.

  1. The Warm & Fuzzy Ambiance

The warm and inviting ambiance and the rich aroma of tea, which envelops you as you set your foot in the tea house is just irresistible. The ambiance is filled with the high social life, some hot beverages and delectable food bites.

  1. Oh, the Food!

Tapri serves you with a range of delectable dishes ranging from hot poha, mushroom sandwich, the famous vada pao and a lot more.

  1. High on Social Life

Tapri is like one of the best hang-out places for people. Because of its location in the middle of the city and the exquisite lifestyle arrangement, one finds immense joy and satisfaction on eating here.

  1. Known For It’s Display Of Craft Items and Stationary

Tapri manufactures its own tea, artifacts, stationary and many more items, which are displayed there. This is another great reason to lounge in the area, while you can shop the awesome collection of teas and stationary.

  1. Best Place for Organizing Social Events

This is one of the best places to organize an event which comprises of around 10-15 people. Birthday parties, kitty parties and small social gatherings can easily be arranged here.

  1. Last But Not the Least, the View from the Top Is Amazing

The view from Tapri is simply picturesque. Those dwindling winds envelop you and the magic which is tinted in the environment of this tea house sways you with its charm.

For more information on the café:

Visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mytapri/#

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