7 Fascinating Facts About A Gemini That Are Totally LIT


Gemini gliding away on a magical carpet, without a care in the world spinning tales of adventure, intellectual humor and those clever strategies.

A Gemini is a ball of gushing energy, which is always ready to burst onto these millions colorful spots. They are the ones spreading smiles, insane laughter & intellectual ideas everywhere they go. Known for their short attention spans, their inquisitiveness is always the key to get them excited and out on the roll.

Let’s see what are these 7 facts about Gemini- which make them totally LIT

  1. A Gemini’s mind never sleeps

A Gemini’s mind seldom stops. It weaves unmistakably amazing tales, right from scratch, minting basic ideas into something phenomenal and presenting everything right there with a cherry on the top. Yes, you can call them magicians, because that’s way they really are.

  1. A Gemini is all about the journey, no matter they win or lose

Geminis are all for the journey. They have no fancy to be in the lead or to be the monitor of the class. They are the ones who love to deal with the creativity, the process and the journey all along the whole ride. They have no fancy for those golden badges or any kind of admiration. They are selfish in a way where they extract fun from the creativity and the process and not the results.

  1. A Gemini is one hell of a multi-tasker

Gemini’s fast spinning and juggling many things at one time, is something to envy about. They can multi-task as easily as an electronic device.

  1. A Gemini lives life with a detached attitude

A Gemini lives life with a casual detachment. They ponder, think, analyse and decipher everything in life and all this with a cool detachment which seems so effortless and intelligent.

  1. Your Gemini is one great adviser

A Gemini who happens to be single all her life would be able to give excellent relationship advice. A Gemini who hasn’t taken any course in medical, would be able to perform all those basic medical routines so easily. That’s simply because your Gemini is well-read.

  1. Gemini is said to be the ‘jack of all trades’

Geminis have this innate tendency to find, scrounge and know about the things they still are unknown about. The ‘unknown’ thrills them and without thinking that the subject would be of any significance to them, they just hop onto it till their curiosity dies.

  1. Geminis love their freedom

A Gemini has got wings. They want to fly through the sky, around those mountain tops, take a dip into that ocean, cross all the continents, meet every nationality’s people and break free all the limitations which happen to strangle the life out of them. To compromise with their freedom is what Geminis dislike the most.


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