7 Fall Fabrics To Invest In

Winter calls for a reality check with your wardrobe. It’s about time you bid adieu to mundane cottons and linens and give your wardrobe a wintery makeover. Think fabrics like fur, leather, flannel, corduroy, etc. to own this fall.

Here’s a list of 7 fall fabrics that will be totally worth every penny.


Fur is a debatable fabric and isn’t made for the safe players. Some of the hottest fashion labels and designers are often seen incorporating fur in their collection. This fabric is usually crafted from animal skin but can also be substituted with faux fur made up of artificial fibres that provide you the same warmth. While fur dresses will be a bit OTT, you can surely opt for fur overcoats and jackets. You can also add fur scarves and stoles to your designer dresses. It is probably one of the most luxurious pieces of clothing you will be investing in this season. Various types of furs available in the market are fox, mink, rabbit, etc. The costlier the fabric, the warmer it will keep you.


Procured from sheep, camel, goats, rabbits and other animals, wool is the ultimate fabric for fall. It is usually elastic and wavy and can be dyed into any color imaginable. A number of woollen dresses and shrugs are trending at the moment. Various sassy colours such as deep burgundy, sassy navy blue, bold red, etc. can be spotted in woollens. Give your woollens a dramatic twist by styling them in right cuts and silhouettes.


Leather is the fashion equivalent of “savage”. The best and the easiest way to wear leather is in the form of a jacket paired with short dress, peppy skirt or distressed denims. You can also opt for dresses with certain detailing of leather to slay the fashion curve this season.  The speciality of this fabric is that it doesn’t allow air ventilation, thus keeping your insides cosy and warm. Steer clear of faux leather available for cheaper prices in the market.


Corduroy is another go-to fabric for the chilly winter months. Although corduroy is most commonly used in skirts and trousers, but now-a-days it is pretty easy to spot designers experimenting with corduroy dresses on the ramp. This fabric will lend an edge to your winter wardrobe and keep you comfy on the go.  The best part is that you can style these dresses just as effortlessly as the summer ones.


Flannel is an easy woven woollen fabric that’s just impeccable for the cold weather. Flannel was formerly made from carded wool or worsted yarn but is now even made from fabrics like cotton, wool and synthetics. Flannel dresses are tremendously warm, soft and hassle-free to wear. Unlike the heavier winter fabrics, flannel outfits are lightweight and bendable. A range of different styles and colours can be found in flannel dresses.


Now this is one fabric for the lady in the room. Made from natural or synthetic fibres, velvet dresses scream sophistication and class. This fabric was mostly worn by the royal families and now seems to be making a comeback on the runway. Velvet tops, tunics and shrugs are an impeccable option for grand evenings. They match the richness of an event and easily fuse in plush auras. A range of deep colours like black, old navy, burgundy, etc. are available in velvet dresses. This smooth, heavy weight and extremely durable fabric will take you through the winters just perfectly.


Renowned as one of the most deluxe fabrics, tweed is a durable, closely-knit, coarse yet soft-looking fabric. Although this fabric is mostly used in manufacturing coats, the thinner varieties are also used to craft timeless dress pieces. Tweed dresses attract the right amount of attention while keeping you cosy under the covers.  If you’re looking for ease plus class, then opt for tweed this fall.


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