The Game Of Seduction: Some Kick-Ass Moves Which Can Get You All Hot And Excited 

“Seduction is a by-product of a really excited mind”. The one who feels deeply connected to a person can only seduce. Through seduction, there is a strong mental connection between two people and they are able to decode their partner’s signal in just mere seconds. The stroking of the foot, intense eye contacts across the table, the smirk on the lips, the subtle brushing of the fingers, the light breathing near the earlobe, all this and more are modest signals which counter to one phrase: SEDUCTION. 

Seduction is not only a technique but art in itself. It is poetry for those, who want to write sonnets in the name of love for their lover. For some seduction is like drawing a live painting, because with every stroke of the brush they feel their breathing run wild. And for the other, seduction is more of a war. A war of limbs, breathy moans, and bold moves. 

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Let’s find out all such moves which can start a burning fire of passion in you. 

1.Intense Eye Contacts 

This one is the most ultimate one. This one can start a vivaciously burning flame inside you of hot passion. Looking at your partner from across the room or sharing an elongated eye contact can incite the various type of emotions. 

2. Cozy Massages

Massages are again a way to make your partner relaxed and aroused at the same time. When you push some of their points, maybe on a foot massage or neck, in a modest manner (say with your fingertips), it really makes them go mad. 

3. Lip Biting 

Biting down the lower lip or else licking them, is a sure sign of what you want to seduce your partner. Say, you people are seated across each other, and you find your partner licking the lower lip while maintaining the eye contact with you; well be ready to get seduced with this move. 

4. Meeting Of The Foot Or Brushing Of The Hands 

The not-so-accidental brushing of the feet or fingers, under the table or else in the car, is a mark of clear seduction. It raises your temperature manifolds. Say, if you are seated in a social dinner along with your partner and suddenly you feel their foot crawling on your leg. This will surely make things hot. This can also be rated as ‘sexual teasing’ too. 

5. Sexting 

This is again a clear way of seducing your partner but through words. Say, for example, start with giving them some fantasy-ridden descriptions or play a world game with them. This will really heighten your senses and hormones both. 

6. Do The Talking!

Despite texting, sexual talk is also one of the popular techniques of seducing your way into your partner’s fantasies. Start talking about what things you find truly sexy about them or else what things make you aroused. Such talks will surely boost their confidence and will render you speechless once they are ready to dazzle you with new skills. 

7. PDAs

Public Display Of Affection is one really amazing syndrome in the art of seduction. Men, especially love and boast about this. Men love to be showered with attention and affection at the same time, from their girls in front of their friends. They like all the men, who are greedily feasting their eyes on your girl to know, that this girl belongs to only you. So, when your girl showers you with kisses openly or else holds your arm protectively, then this really makes you happy. 

These were some kickass moves, which can get your partner all panting with hot passion. 

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