The Storm That Changed Her Forever

      Once upon a time there lived a boy and a girl. They were 20, naïve and strikingly scarred. He wasn’t the extraordinarily handsome man and she wasn’t the gorgeously beautiful woman but they were both imperfectly perfect in their own ways.

She wore her heart on her sleeves and he never believed in one. She had a mind like fireworks and he loved playing recklessly with matches. She had a soul deep as the sea and he loved drowning in. Her spirits were fierce like the wind and he loved going against the nature. What a deadly combination to have existed!

They were both surrounded by tonnes of people all day long, yet they were lonely on the inside, the kind of lonely that you cannot see but you can only feel, the kind of lonely that eats you up slowly and riles your insides. They both yearned for something so intriguingly deep that it would intoxicate their whole being and start fires within them. They both felt a hole inside them, with the wind rushing through it. Yes, they longed for a fairytale. They longed for their own fairytale, for all along before meeting each other, they knew something was missing. They craved for a soul-stirring deep, storybook kinda love and it happened.

They met each other in the spring of their lives, blossoming and blooming with audacity. For even a minutest second, she hadn’t thought that the next 50 minutes of her life could change her forever. She met him on a cold winter evening, with the sparks between them providing constant heat. Little did she know that stepping into that car would turn things upside down for forever. There was something electric, some kind of magic that they hadn’t felt ever before. She knew she was gone. She knew he was trouble, the kind of trouble she’d happily be entangled in all her life. They could start fires with what they felt for each other. Even the chilly winter breeze couldn’t banish the fires they had between each other. It was some weird kind of deja vu, the feeling of having known someone for all your life; like they existed in each other all along, waiting until this moment to merge into one pure state of being. She met him with this anticipation and he met her with a smile that could burn down houses. It felt home, they felt home, the kind of home they had been homesick for all their lives. Since the very first day they met, she loved him and he loved her but it wasn’t that simple.

Love isn’t always enough to keep two people together. They both had past bruises that had shut them down. Life had broken her, just as it had broken him and somehow their missing pieces happened to collide. Timing was such a bitch. It never worked in their favor. Time and again, destiny threw them into each other’s arms, only to pull them away farther. But nothing could take away the fires they had, for their connection was simply outlandish, beyond the reach of people around them.

He was the miracle she had prayed for every night and she was the ultimatum he longed to achieve. She lost herself in him, the kind of lost that was exactly like being found and every time she lost him, she found herself a little more. He was like a messenger of god, a salvation, that woke her up from a deep, deep sleep and shook her insides, giving rise in her a never-ending lust for life. It was as if she was in a sound sleep, someone came, dissembled all her pieces and hurriedly put them back in the right order. She couldn’t have felt more herself in any other moment. He always used to ask her about her crazy teenage love, little did she know that he’d become that one day. She could love him with all her heart and even if she could never get him, she knew she had found her salvation. Nothing or no one could ever touch her in the way he had. He was like a storm in her life, gushing in with rage and leaving everything up-heaved. But just like all the storms, he too had to come to an end.

He was the storm that ripped her heart open and what happens when people open up their hearts? They get better, they evolve!

This storm ended giving birth in her a new storm, one that changed her. She was never the same person as she had walked in. I guess that’s what the storms are meant for. After a long long time, she could look past her fears and love ferociously.

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