Never Let Go Of The One Who Changed You

Image Source: Popsugar

Sometimes people come in our lives like a storm, totally unexpected and unabashed. They blow you away and wash you clean. You weren’t even prepared or wishing for their arrival and it’s so sudden that you don’t even get the time to think things through.

It so happens like some magician hypnotized you, making you dance to his own tune. You start talking of them like they put the stars in the sky and light in the world or maybe they become your whole damn sky with shining stars in a world so lit up. The sun, the moon, your home, friends, family, all remain the same but something inside you changes and that changes your whole world.  The moon is no longer just a rock to you and the sun no longer just a star. Somehow everything becomes meaningful and more beautiful to you. That’s what they do to you, they put so much love inside you that you have no option but to reflect this love on the outside. They fill all your missing gaps and give you a new rose-tinted glass to view the world.

In such tiny-huge moments, they revolutionize your whole world in a way that you realize that you weren’t really living until you met them. Call them a messenger of God or a guardian angel, but they really touch you in ways that no one ever has or ever can. It feels like they upgrade you to a whole new version of yourself that you didn’t know existed. Each time you’re stuck up in a situation, you imagine what they would have done and you do exactly the same. Maybe they’re your light at the end of the tunnel or the passport to your future, but they make you feel like your soul has finally found its home. It’s just inexplicably beautiful and gorgeous each time you’re around them. They make your heart smile and your soul dance. They make you so happy that you lose all your words and turn blank. You do not know what to do so you just leave everything to destiny and let the relationship pave its own way.

But you know what is the saddest part about such relationships? These are exactly the kind of relationships that tear you into pieces when they fall apart. They walk out as easily and unexpectedly as they walked in, but this time they prick into your body, pull your heart from the chest and shock you to bits, leaving you miserable, bleeding, broken and crushed. They turn your entire world upside down when they leave, creating a fog on the same rose-tinted glasses.

So, trust me when I say it, you need to put your heart out into such relationships. Do every bit and summon every atom in your body to let them know how much you love them and want them in your life. Put up a fucking fight with your demons and NEVER take them for granted because if they leave, all you’ll be left with is a thousand words and a lesson for life. 

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