I Like Your Imperfections Because They Align Neatly With Mine

    I like the rawness of your heart. I like your vulnerability to things. I like the madness that ignites inside your bloodstream and the chaos that succumbs your heart.
    I like that you’re too much for me sometimes.
    I like the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you love.
    I like that you feel all things too deeply and speak too quickly.
    I like how you fall in love- slowly and then all at once.
    I like your tons of questions flooding in at any point of time; I like your curiosity.
    I like that no amount of living with you ever seems enough.
    I like that you love so strongly.
    I like how you’re so scared and hurt yet you don’t stop wishing for that storybook kind of love.
    I like how you crave a love so deep and you don’t shy away from asking for it.
    I like those heated up arguments about who’s busy and who’s not.
    I like your weaknesses and I like the fact that you speak of them openly.
    I like how your past bruises have made you the man that you are today.
    I like how you have a sensitive side you never refrain from showing to me.
    I like how you turn the selfish me into the selfless ideal me.
    I like how you make love to me, like you’ve been hungry since ages & like I’m the only cure to your hunger; I like how your skin presses hard against mine.
    I like how just a stare from you erupts a never-ending volcano inside me.
    I like how a calm cub turns a dominating wicked devil between the sheets.
    I like how you leave me aching yet yearning for more.
    I like how those bruises stay on longer than you do and scream ‘I own you’ with love.
    I like how you keep me safe and wild, both at the same time.
    I like how I look at you and see the word ‘forever’ staring back at me.
    I like your madness, your troubles, your chaos, your slacking.
    I like your imperfections because they align neatly with mine.

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