Keep Your Relationship Interesting & Exciting Through These 5 Easy Tricks

From awkward first dates to breakfasts in bed, from hesitant kisses to casual sex- every relationship is like a video game with levels that get progressively more complex as you go. And just like in video games, there are ought to be pitfalls, deadly spikes, and boss levels. But it takes a lot more than pushing buttons to be a pro in the game of love.

Often in long-term relationships, couples find themselves stuck in a box. Being comfortable with one another is no less than an achievement that may take several months to reach. However, it has its downsides. It is natural to find your partner predictable, or even boring. The fiery infatuation that kindled the relationship may seem to simmer down. Fights and arguments over seemingly little things may blow out of proportion. Flaws and pet peeves that you happily ignored initially may now feel like they are looming over the person you fell in love with.

Perhaps it is their habit of replying to messages hours after reading them, or leaving behind a mess in the kitchen every time they cook.

Or maybe, it is just a nagging feeling that they are not as interested in you as they used to be.

This block in the relationship is nothing but another level in the game (yes, we’re still on that analogy!). With the right moves and a little effort, you can revive the fading spark and make it burn even brighter.

1. Communicate, Reciprocate

If you feel ignored, tell them. If you feel suffocated, let them know. Talking with transparency is often the simplest way of reaching a solution. It is toxic to stifle your thoughts for the sake of avoiding confrontation, and would inevitably lead to an outburst in the future. Likewise, listen to what they have to say and accept your flaws. Understanding is a two-way process.

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2. Touch Over Touchscreens

Remember the initial months of your relationship- the yearning to touch one another, even a simple stroke on the back or casually holding each other’s hands. Such simple gestures tend to lose value with time. Bring them back! Texting is a great alternative, but never a replacement for good old physical contact. Go on dates as often as possible, even if going out seems like too much effort. It will be worth it!

3. Be Spontaneous

Go out for dinner, watch a movie, and find new things to do whenever you are both free. Staying in may be the easiest, but it can get boring real quick. Remember, to be interesting, you have to first be interested.

4. Snap Like You Mean It

Send selfies or pictures of interesting things around you over Snapchat or Instagram to let them know that you are thinking about them. A casual habit of exchanging photos over the course of the day could bring out your playful sides.

5. Travel

Sharing new and exciting experiences can strengthen your bond and also help you learn things about each other that you would have never known otherwise. Adventure sports, trekking, camping, or even a simple trip to the beach can help shake things up.

Last but not the least, follow your instincts. See what is going wrong and find ways of fixing it together. After all, romance is a team effort.


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