Is He A Cheater? 8 Times Your Intuition Will Reveal You His Infidelity

Just because a man whispers honey-dipped saccharine sweet words in your ear, it doesn’t mean that you should throw reason out of the window. Loving someone is an inexpressibly beautiful feeling, but loving them to a point that it overshadows your own identity and self-love, that’s insane. Every once in a while, when your thoughts are clouded with dopamine-high emotions, your intuition will play peek-a-boo and try to speak to you. It will drop hints, get you uncomfortable, make you doubt. The question is- are you listening? Here’s a round-up of eight times your intuition will tell you he is a cheater.

1. Guilt Trips 

If he at times acts too sweet to you and you feel unsure about it, then be sure that he’s hiding his guilt by piling you with too many sweet (read: fake) gestures so that you’re too occupied and happy to figure out his inconsistencies.

2. Misleading Facts 

Two plus two is always four, it can never be five. If what he says doesn’t add up, be sure that there was a lie involved in the equation. And at times, a liar who cannot clear up his act is even worse than a cheater who has the courage to come clean.

3. Mean Acts

Let’s get it straight, you can either be mean or you can be in love. Competition and selfish ways never find a way in love and should always be kept aside. So if you two are playing a casual game and he doesn’t give up his pride to let you win every once in a while, then trust your gut that he loves a lame victory more than the bond you two share. And it won’t be long before these selfish ways start showing up in real life things as well.

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4. Inconsistent Chivalry

If his chivalry is as unpredictable as the Delhi fog, then you know you’re in for an ugly ride. A man of good intentions will stay consistent with his gentlemanly ways, despite all of his scuffles and battles.

5. Deaf Ear

If he’s all over your shoulder for every tiny problem but turns a deaf ear to your problems every single time, or even worse, doesn’t care to listen in the first place, then trust me he’s a cheater and you need to move on. After all, what good is a relationship sans the emotional connection?

6. Inconsideration  

If a man is serious for you, he’ll consider your life choices just as much as he considers his while deciding the future course of your relationship. Let’s say you’re out at the finest eatery in town and he places an order for the two of you. Oops did he just forget to consider your favorites on the menu? While some might call it assertiveness, it might actually be ignorance if done more than a few times. It only shows how much this man values and respects your choices to actually consider them.

7. Comfortable In The Comfort Zone 

Men are born chasers, it’s a matter of pride for them to have won a girl with their efforts and gestures. So if your man often makes excuses to stay in the comfort zone, then be sure that he isn’t into you just as much as he claims to be. Walk away from such a man because you deserve someone who’d drive twenty miles just to see you for ten minutes.

8. Unmatched Vibes 

If you’re that positive girl who’s always looking up to the stars, then you should pretty much all the time have a great vibe. And if you carry a good energy, your energy will sync in perfectly with another man who is also a carrier of good energy. However, if this doesn’t happen, and if you feel uncomfortable or low vibe next to your SO, then take it as a definite sign that you have a snake in your closet.

Every time a man doesn’t seem genuine, walk out of the room and be sure to close the door on your way out because deep down, you already know the truth. Any story where your peace of mind and self-worth are in jeopardy doesn’t qualify to be your story.


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